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U-101.jpg (193551 bytes) U-101
Porcelain base with Majolica-like applied yellow flowers, green leaves, and gold trim. Separate castle is also trimmed in gold and has open arched windows and doors. Signed with maker's mark: curved vine with four leaves and tassel. 5.75"l. x 5.25"w. x 4.0"h.
U-102.jpg (106867 bytes) U-102
Green and white slag glass fairy lamp cup with thumb handle. Supporting arms radiating from integral candle cup are notched to accommodate domes of various sizes. Marked with Sowerby "peacock" trademark. Similar lamp cup illustrated in R-758. 4.0"d.
U-103.jpg (174142 bytes) U-103
Fairy lamp epergne arm. Very heavy clear crystal glass with applied leaves and rigaree. Applied clear point on bottom of smooth base. Clear glass arm has silver plated .625"d. fitting. Shown with pink and white Cleveland swirl pattern dome on Clarke lamp cup.
U-104.jpg (144835 bytes) U-104
Frosted pyramid size dome, glossy rings and Greek Key design. Dome sits Clarke in clear crystal lamp cup. Dome is 3.25"h with a 2.375"d. base. Total height 4.125."
U-105New.jpg (137433 bytes) U-105
Jeweled ormolu cast brass dome with integral finger handle on three footed matching base. Dome screws onto threaded base. Contains six 1.0"d. jewels and twelve .75"d. jewels. Unmarked. 4.25"h. x 4"d.
U-106.jpg (127898 bytes) U-106
Cranberry overshot shading to clear ball-shaped dome with three square-shaped air vents Matching clear overshot base. 4.25"h. x 3.5"d .
U-107New.jpg (164316 bytes) U-107
Opalescent, cased with Rose tinte, slightly tapered cylindrical shade with embossed flower and leaf design and vertical piecrust rim. Pressed low swirl pattern base with flared scalloped rim. Base marked "Baccarat Deposť." Base 1.5"h. x 5.63"d . Shade 3.9"h. x 2.75"d
U-108a.jpg (111598 bytes) U-108
Fairy-size dome in chocolate brown and white mottling, cased inside with clear. Clarke clear crystal lamp cup. Very small .6" diameter top opening. 4.75"h.
U-109.jpg (47103 bytes) U-109
Transparent cranberry Northwood pull-up type pattern with white threads. Similar to U-67. Base (marriage) is Clarke ribbed crystal with integral lamp cup. Similar to base in R-100. Base diameter of dome is 3.0" which is between pyramid and fairy size diameters.
U-110.jpg (18566 bytes) U-110
Porcelain handled lantern style lamp, pierced roof and top of sides, impressed wire fence pattern around base, painted floral design. Very similar to R-434 with only slight differences in the handle design and decoration. 6.9"h. x 3.75" square.
U-111.jpg (129316 bytes) U-111
Heavy ornate ormolu cone shaped dome, flaring top rim, vertical rows of jewels on three footed and handled base with spun brass candle holder fitting into ring in base. Handle is attached with a bolt. Dome twist locks onto base. 5.5"h x 6.25"w.
U-112.jpg (19577 bytes) U-112
Shaded pink six-sided dome with "crackle ice" textured surface. Matching ruffled base. 5.25"h. x 6.4"d..
U-113.jpg (129259 bytes) U-113
End of Day cased in white, vertical ribbed, pyramid-size dome in matching lamp cup. Dome has two oval ground air vents on bottom edge. 3.5"h x 2.75"w. Stamped and molded brass stand has two gargoyle handles. Overall height 4.5".
U-114.jpg (17895 bytes) U-114
White shading to pale blue chimney style dome with slight swirled pattern. Top edge pulled into eight-pointed star with bulbous melon shaped bottom. Matching ruffled base. 6.75"h. x 5.5"d.
U-115.jpg (57114 bytes) U-115
Hanging candle lamp with three brass chains allowing the globe to be raised. Chains are attached to three lion head brass fittings. Chimney is rose pink cased in white decorated with blue iris with pulled and ruffled edge. Chimney is 9.5"h. x 5.0"d.
U-116.jpg (33703 bytes) U-116
Hanging jeweled ormolu candle lamp with brass wall mounting bracket. Approximately 4.0"d.
U-117.jpg (116630 bytes)

Fairy lamp epergne with one acid Burmese fairy lamp on a clear glass Clarke lamp cup, two Burmese posy holders and two crystal glass fronds all supported on a metal frame on a 10"d. round beveled mirror base. Overall height is 12.5".

U-118.jpg (117020 bytes)

Three acid Burmese fairy size domes in clear Clarke lamp cups resting in footed ormolu frame also supporting four acid Burmese bud vases with ruffled rims and berry prunts. All parts decorated in ivy pattern. (Undecorated Pyramid size version shown in R-685.)

U-119.jpg (20852 bytes)

Sociable with three acid Burmese fairy size domes in clear Clarke lamp cups and two acid Burmese bud vases with fluted flaring rims and berry prunts. Burmese flower bowl with upturned piecrust rim and four unrefired Burmese ball feet. (Similar to R-694)

U-120.jpg (96903 bytes)

Pink cased in clear pyramid size flower with scalloped rim and three rows of applied hand tooled clear petals. Pressed and stamped pewter-like metal stand has weighted base and measures 3.9"h. x 3.75"d. Overall height is 6.0".