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U-081.jpg (12952 bytes) U-81
Frosted molded lighthouse decorated with brick pattern, windows and steps leading to a door. Marked Rd 60108 (Percival Vickers & Co. of Manchester circa October 1886). Clear diamond point fairy size dome. Probably had a matching lighthouse top. 13.25"h. x 6.5"d.
U-082.jpg (52657 bytes) U-82
Shaded pale blue to white, satin fairy size dome, crimped upper rim. Clarke lamp cup. Matching inward fluted bowl shaped base. 6"h. x 4.5"d.
U-083.jpg (90296 bytes) U-83
Fairy size clear dome with blue overlay. Pattern is cut with alternating ribbon & ivy and stars & dots. Clarke lamp cup. 5"h. x 3.25"d.
U-084.jpg (129145 bytes) U-84
Fairy size cranberry dome with deep impressed large swirls finely etched with dragons & dolphins. In between each swirl there is a pattern of impressed squares. Dome sits in a clear Clarke lamp cup. 5.5"h. x 3.0"d.
U-085.jpg (80675 bytes) U-85
Pink swirled satin pyramid size dome on figural standard. Painted bisque girl with blond hair, white with red stars pants suit, blue hat, and pink shoes holding lamp cup. Lamp cup is partially painted pink with gold trim.
U-086.jpg (84845 bytes) U-86
R-445 Painted porcelain panoramic scene on lithophane dome depicting: deer, bear, and fox. Bright gold border around both rims. Dome rests in Clarke lamp cup. Cup rest on blue
with white crimped satin base with three pulled in areas.
U-087.jpg (102999 bytes) U-87
Handled painted porcelain lithophane lantern with three panels. Color is pink/mauve trimmed in gold. Clear handled godet. Painted version of R-448. 6.5"h x 3.5"w.
U-088.jpg (99221 bytes) U-88
Wee size green and blue frosted satin domes with white enameled floral motif. Two ground air vents in base of dome. Clear ribbed lamp cup with faceted rim marked "Hobbies Elfin Lamp - Made in Belgium." 2.625"h x 2.0"w.
U-089.jpg (127337 bytes) U-89
Pair of red Nailsea fairy-size domes with clear Clarke lamp cups. Ornate stamped brass standards with filigree arms holding plain brass band.
U-090.jpg (137342 bytes) U-90
Three acid Burmese fairy size domes in clear Clarke lamp cups. Two on brass arms and third in hanging ormolu chain supported cup suspended from embossed leaf hanger bolted through oval mirrored velvet (painted gold) plush wall plaque. Burmese posey holder.
U-091.jpg (56491 bytes) U-91
Jeweled brass hanging candle lamp. Similar to R-774 but larger. Twenty-seven faceted .75"d. jewels of various colors. Jeweled shade hangs from three brass chains. The shade raises and lowers on pulleys. Total height is 27"h. x 5.0"d.
U-092.jpg (84535 bytes) U-92
Pair of clear Cricklights on cut crystal standards with brass fittings marked "Clarke's Trade CRICKLITE Mark." Clarke diamond crystal bases are plastered into brass fitting. Brass collar around clear dome marked "Cricklite." 16" h.
U-093.jpg (84393 bytes) U-93
Frosted blue satin fairy size dome on Clarke clear lamp cup. The dome is acid etched with flowers, leaves and dots all around. 4.9"h.
U-094.jpg (144240 bytes) U-94
Deep amethyst shading to clear pineapple shaped chimney with rib pattern, hand tooled ruffled rim, four ormolu brass frames holding faceted amber and blue jewels, and two notched air vents. Plain saucer base flashed in amethyst. (marriage) 5.75"h. x 5.25"d.
U-095.jpg (78829 bytes) U-95
Blue frosted satin finish inward crimped dome with five applied clear frosted petals and three notched air vents. Matching pedestal base has five applied frosted clear leaves forming the feet and three upturned leaves. Similar design illustrated in T-PIV-4. 9.5"h.
U-096.jpg (83303 bytes) U-96
Frosted clear candle lamp with applied finger handle and twelve air holes near top. Brass collar with finger ring at top opening. Godet opening in side. Checkerboard pattern on two sides is alternating clear and frosted. Marked "Sevres Depose." 5.5"h. x 2.5"w.
U-097.jpg (128423 bytes)

Light pink shading to opalescent floral dome with six upturned applied petals and three square air vents. Matching base has six down turned applied petals and integral candle cup. Unmarked with polished pontil. 3.75"h. x 3.5"d.

U-098.jpg (174676 bytes)

Fairy size blue on blue candy striped swirl with reversed swirl ribbed dome on Clarke lamp cup. Cup is supported on brass hanger bolted through beveled and notched mirrored plush wall plaque with leather backing. (Plaque #112 in Clarke's catalogue.) 9.5"h. x 5.25"w.

U-099.jpg (87689 bytes)

Frosted green pyramid size dome with two oval air vents on matching frosted green shading to clear footed pedestal with six applied leaves forming the footed base. Matching ribbed lamp cup. Molded leaf and diamond pattern. 9.6"h. x 2.75"w.

U-100.jpg (192228 bytes)

White chimney cased in blue with pie crust ruffled rim and painted red, blue, and green floral decoration. Five deeply cut air vents. Very heavy ornate cast brass base with two winged female gargoyles. Unmarked. Base 4.5"h. x 4.75"d., total 10.0"h.