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U-061.jpg (121772 bytes) U-61
Fairy-size Webb cameo domes cased in pink with Clarke Cricklite pegged lamp cup on sterling and crystal standard. Etched on the bottom of crystal standard is "Made in England". 9.5"h.
U-062.jpg (130476 bytes) U-62
Cranberry flashed candle lamp comprised of Fostoria dome (as in R-744), pegged lamp cup embossed "VICTRYLITE CANDLE CO. OSHKOSH, WIS." and unmarked thumbgrip base. 8" h x 5" d.

U-063.jpg (106746 bytes) U-63
Frosted rose and white mottled dome. Clarke posy-ring clear pressed glass base with integral lamp cup, diamond and star design and scalloped top rim similar to R-101. Dome is 5.8" high and 3.38" diameter.
U-064.jpg (130081 bytes) U-64
Frosted deep amethyst dome. Clarke posy-ring clear pressed glass base with integral lamp cup, diamond and star design and scalloped top rim similar to R-101. Dome is 5.8" high and 3.14" diameter.
U-065.jpg (96486 bytes) U-65
Acid etched glass dome similar to U-9. Silver colored metal base with a finger ring. Base is imprinted "The Will & Baumer Co. Syracuse, New York, Chicago, Boston - Trademark-Aladdin Lamp." 5.125"h. x 5.625"d.
U-066.jpg (50059 bytes) U-66
Pairpoint candle lamp similar to R-Plate I & R-701. Clear amethyst glass hand wheel engraved with a grape and vine pattern. Base notched for optional conversion to electricity "for an additional $1.65 charge each" as noted in the original Pairpoint catalog.
U-067.jpg (144409 bytes) U-67
Teal colored glass dome in the Northwood pull-up pattern cased over white with ruffled top. Mismatched crystal saucer. The base diameter of the dome is 2.75" which is between pyramid and fairy sizes.
U-068.jpg (119334 bytes) U-68
Colorless glass dome that is shiny smooth on the inside and coarsely frosted on the outside. Hand painted with a rustic cabin scene. Clarke fairy size lamp cup. 4.75"h. x 4.0"d.
U-069.jpg (27420 bytes) U-69
Cranberry satin glass with white enamel decoration in the "Mary Gregory" style. Clarke pyramid lamp cup (marriage). Advice on the appropriate lamp cup is solicited. Overall height is 3.8". Dome bottom diameter is 2.0".
U-070.jpg (140217 bytes) U-70
Blue diamond quilted satin pyramid-size dome with Clarke lamp cup. Cast metal base imprinted on the bottom "Pairpoint Mfg. Co.", "Quadruple Silver Plate", "2318". Pairpoint logo of P inside barred diamond. Cleverly disguised finger and thumb rest for carrying.
U-071.jpg (43407 bytes) U-71
Oversized fairy lamp. Cranberry inverted thumbprint shade with Coralene outlined in gold luster. Base: 5.5"d x 2"h. Shade: 4.5"d x 3.75"h. The base has a stepped inner lip with diameters of 4.625" and 4.25". Indentation in lamp cup for inner candle cup is 1.5"d .
U-072.jpg (219103 bytes) U-72
Pair of modern bronze on marble statues of a fairy prince and princess each supporting a Burmese fairy-size lamp with clear glass Clarke peg lamp cups. "Fairy Candlesticks" are shown in Everything Metal Imaginable 1990's catalog, retail $360 each. Overall height is 20.75".
U-073.jpg (96507 bytes) U-73
Cased pale blue satin glass over white with matching base. Frosted glass Clarke fairy-size lamp cup. The base has an applied frosted glass foot. The dome is identical to R-190 and is also marked "Rd 50725" & "Trade Mark Fairy." 6.5"h. x 6"d.
U-074.jpg (114707 bytes) U-74
Pale blue Nailsea fairy-size dome on clear Clarke lamp cup. Matching ruffled base with four applied frosted glass feet. Design similar to R-645. 5.75"h. x 6"d.
U-075.jpg (127915 bytes) U-75
Dark blue Nailsea fairy-size dome on frosted Clarke lamp cup. Matching square base with four applied frosted glass feet. The overall height is 5.75" and the base is approximately 5" square.
U-076.jpg (98591 bytes) U-76
Lemon colored Hobbs Broucknier & Co satin glass dome with a reversed swirl pattern similar to R-172. Very unusual vaseline Clarke fairy-size lamp cup with opalescent trim on top edge.
U-077.jpg (59821 bytes)

Base is clear pink with one end turned over as a handle with five tooled leaf design feet. Goblet shape above is clear green and holds a deep pyramid sized cup in frosted green to pink. The pyramid size ribbed dome is a frosted pink. 7.5"h. x 5.25"l. Base 4.0"h.

U-078.jpg (62802 bytes)

Pink ribbed frosted globe shaped dome painted with an English robin & single flower in mauve. Small amount of Coralene along fine sprays. Dome is wasted and has three deep arched vents. Shown on a clear
Greener Rd 176239 lamp cup with applied decorative leaves. 5.0"h. x 4.75"d. (Marriage)

U-079.jpg (99042 bytes)

Fairy sized decorated blue dome with matching fluted base. Dome is pinched to a very small opening with a five-pointed star. Decorated with four pink flowers and gilt leaves. Base fluting is gilt-edged and has two gilt lines running around it. 5.5"h. x 4.5"d.

U-080.jpg (91878 bytes)

Heavy cut glass vase type base, foot undercut with diamond point. Candelabra with three pegged lamp cups with red Nailsea domes. The candelabra arm is brass, central holder has a foliage pattern, leading off to stylized dolphin and leaf pattern. 18.5"h. x 12"w.