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U-041.jpg (94817 bytes) U-41
Acid Burmese pyramid-size dome decorated in ivy pattern in Clarke lamp cup. Cast brass frame with four downward turned legs and four upward turned vase holders. Undecorated acid Burmese posey vases with berry prunts. 4.25" h. x 7.5" w. (Similar to R-684)
U-042.jpg (40413 bytes) U-42
Acid Burmese fairy-size dome on Clarke ribbed lamp cup. Matching acid Burmese fluted base with three upturned areas. Dimensions 5.5"h. x  6.5"d.
U-043.jpg (92546 bytes) U-43
White cut velvet with clear frosted overlay dome with rose colored pulled and scalloped top rim. Matching base with flared rose ribbon rim and five applied frosted wishbone feet. 6.5" h x 5.5" dia.
U-044.jpg (88281 bytes) U-44
Yellow DQMOP elongated dome with slightly pinched and tapered top rim resting on matching bulbous base with upright slightly flared rim. Base is supported on a continuous row of frosted hand tooled and applied leaves. 7.75" h x 4.75" dia. (Italian c.1970-1980)
U-045.jpg (40708 bytes) U-45
Light blue pryamid-size dome decorated with white enameled flowers. Flowers appear to be daisies. Dome has three triangular cut air vents in bottom edge. Unmarked clear ribbed smooth-shouldered lamp cup with castellated rim. 3. 5" h. x 3.75" w.
U-046.jpg (39392 bytes) U-46
"Muddy" amethyst pyramid-size dome with enameled blue and white flower, unopened buds, and green leaves. Dome has three triangular cut air vents in bottom edge of dome. Clear diamond pattern Clarke lamp cup. 3.25" h. x 3.75" w.
U-047.jpg (46363 bytes) U-47
Jeweled hanging candle lantern on stand, spun brass, and pierced. Brass and cast iron base. Lantern height 8.0", overall height 22.5".
U-048.jpg (28657 bytes) U-48
Jeweled hanging candle lantern on stand, spun brass with no piercing. Bottom is removable. Top of stand is a stylized griffin head with a ring in its mouth. Lantern height 5.0", overall height 18".
U-049.jpg (63039 bytes) U-49
Clear vertical ribbed dome with ringed bottom rim on ribbed rim of matching lamp cup with raised retaining ridge. Cup contains ribbed candle holder with chrysanthemum impressed bottom and a Child's candle. 4.75"h x 3.25"w.
U-050.jpg (58780 bytes) U-50
Amber chevron and four diamond pattern pyramid size dome with matching base. Base has scalloped top edge and is finely ribbed around rim. No markings.
U-051.jpg (46071 bytes) U-51
White and opaque swirl fairy-size dome on Clarke lamp cup inserted in central post of matching base with squared upright fluted rim. 10.625"h x 8" square.  (Discussion in Newsletter Issue V and VI)
U-052.jpg (59928 bytes). U-52
White and opaque swirl fairy-size dome on matching miniature lamp inserted in central post of matching base with squared upright fluted rim. 10.625"h x 8" square. Same lamp as U-51 except with oil miniature lamp insert.  (Discussion in Newsletter Issue V and VI)
U-053.jpg (30960 bytes) U-53
Tan satin finish fairy-size dome with white enameled flowers, buds, and leaves. Large top opening has three enameled rings. Dome has four triangular notches in bottom edge. Plain smooth shouldered base is lightly flashed amethyst with gold iridescence. 4.5"h.
U-054.jpg (62891 bytes) U-54
Dark ruby dome with embossed rib interior, in handled clear ribbed base with two retaining rings with rays between. Bottom of cup embossed "Blue Cross Candle Lamp" in circle with "Safety and Pat'd Apl'd For" in center. 5"h x 4" across handle.
U-055.jpg (29612 bytes) U-55
Black cat holding sheet music and singing, pierced stars and Man in Moon wearing stocking cap watching. Bisque lamp with impressed fleur-de-lis on back. (See Ruf-329) 4.625"h x 3.5"w x 4.375"l.
U-056.jpg (13260 bytes) U-56
Three-footed figural porcelain dog in shades of gray with amber transparent eyes. Blue drape around head with pink tassels under chin. 3.75"h x 4.125"w.
U-057.jpg (15972 bytes)

Lithophane, royal blue edges decorated with gold stripes and dots. The back is molded stacked horizontal bars painted robin's egg blue. Scene from "Listening to Fairies" by Borderhausen, 1883. It is unmarked. 4.75"h x 3.625'w x 2.75" deep. (Discussion: Issue V)

U-058.jpg (30732 bytes)

Frosted clear globe on silver plated pedestal with pegged red candle holder. Unmarked. Clarke’s tallow candle. Dimensions unavailable.

U-059.jpg (31096 bytes)

Fairy-size Nailsea dome on Clarke lamp cup. Pedestal is clear glass with circular foot rising to hollow oviform stem supporting three reeded branches and barley twist ring. Diamond registration mark. 9.8"h. (Discussion: Issue VI)

U-060.jpg (31184 bytes)

Wall mounted epergne. This epergne is similar in description to R-686. The only exception is the two curved brass arms that provide a means to mount to a wall. Approximately 15" wide.