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U-021.jpg (35127 bytes) U-21
Pink ribbed cased satin glass Fairy-size dome on ribbed lamp cup. Dome etched RD 50725 (Boulton Mills, June 10, 1886) and "Trade Mark Fairy." Rose pink cased satin glass floral tubes arranged in a tripod with brass connector marked RD 75354. (Unknown, 1887) 15.875"h. x 5.0"w.
U-022.jpg (40226 bytes) U-22
Blue satinized pyramid-size dome decorated with white enameled floral pattern on matching pedestal base. Unmarked. 8.5"h. Dome is 2.125"dia. (Probably contemporary of unknown origin)
U-023.jpg (80142 bytes) U-23
Unusual cast brass dragon with brass base and cup. Blue fairy-size Nailsea dome on matching fluted base with applied frosted petals. Base appears very similar to R-670 in shape and color. No markings. 11.25"h. (Marriage)
U-024.jpg (76497 bytes) U-24
Blue slag fairy-size dome impressed with diamond and four-in-one diamond pattern resembling caning. Dome sits in blue slag tight ribbed lamp cup with round crenellated upright rim with sixteen holes beneath shoulder. 4.5"h x 3.25"w.
U-025.jpg (90124 bytes) U-25 (Greener & Co, Rd 176239, August 10, 1891)
Clear pressed geometric pattern fairy-size dome in clear lamp cup with scalloped, upright, barred leaves opposing down turned acanthus leaves around top rim. Cup has smooth horizontal flange. Basic design is similar to R-130.  4.25"h x 5"w.
U-026.jpg (100745 bytes) U-26
Cranberry ground with applied white glass looped threading on fairy-size dome in clear lamp cup marked S. Clarke's Trade Mark Fairy. 4.75"h x 4"dia.
U-027.jpg (95421 bytes) U-27
Deep blue ground with light blue Nailsea type loopings on fairy-size dome in S. Clarke's Trade Mark Fairy lamp cup. 5"h x 4"dia.
U-028.jpg (62623 bytes) U-28
Satin Burmese fairy-size dome marked Clarke's Patent Fairy Trade Mark in red around exterior bottom rim. Clear Clarke pegged lamp cup in porcelain candlestick with winged cherub. Base is marked in blue with two parallel lines and one crossing them, Sitzendorf. 16.75"h x 5.25"w. (Marriage)
U-029.jpg (63349 bytes) U-29
Pair of clear domes with gilt bands embossed Cricklite on rims in Clarke lamp cups inserted into silver rings attached to curved arms that screw onto silver Corinthian fitting atop a square crystal standard. Ray is cut into the bottom of square tiered base. 20.25"h x 16"w.
U-030.jpg (30189 bytes) U-30
Pair pink opal blown glass candle cups with applied white glass pegs. Victorian candlestick shown is not original to the candle cup. 2.625"dia. Peg is .75"h x .625"w.  (Marriage)
U-031.jpg (24866 bytes) U-31
Cast iron stand of a Egyptian male holding aloft a circular sunshade. The sunshade becomes the base of the fairy lamp. Nailsea shade with ruffled top is white and pink loopings on a clear satin ground, 2.75"d., fits perfectly into the base. 10.25"h.
U-032.jpg (126773 bytes) U-32
Floral-shaped cranberry dome with three rows of applied clear petals resting on seven applied amber leaves that form the lamp cup. Amber stem has hand formed 360o twist. Three applied leaves form the base. 7.75"h. Similar dome shown in R-490 & R-133.
U-033.jpg (79451 bytes) U-33 Clarke Model Number 171
Webb satin Burmese fairy-size dome on Clarke clear ribbed lamp cup. Lamp cup rests on petticoat skirt of matching Burmese base. Five Burmese fluted posey vases on metal arms attached to Burmese rose bowl base with upward fluted rim. 10.5" h. (C-171)
U-034.jpg (106206 bytes) U-34
Epergne with two Webb satin Burmese pyramid-size domes on Clarke clear crystal cups in brass supporting rings. Central Burmese bud vase with ruffled petticoat rim. Framed and scalloped mirrored base with ball feet is 14.5" long.
U-035.jpg (32066 bytes) U-35 Clarke Model Number 175
Webb satin Burmese fairy-size dome in clear ribbed Clarke lamp cup. Matching satin Burmese base has five inward folded scallops which support the lamp cup. Three applied unrefired Burmese feet. (C-175 & R-679 undecorated)
U-036.jpg (53116 bytes) U-36
Epergne with seven decorated Webb satin Burmese pyramid-size domes on Clarke clear crystal cups. Four domes are decorated in oak leaf and acorn pattern, three are in prunus pattern. Decorated satin Burmese rose bowl base with upward fluted rim. 10.75" h.
U-037.jpg (76236 bytes) U-37
Milk glass fairy-size dome decorated on both sides with three air vents in bottom rim. Dome rests in white milk glass lamp cup recessed into white milk glass base with flared ribbon rim. 5" h x 5.75" dia.
U-038.jpg (32444 bytes) U-38
Dusty rose shaded bisque floral dome comprised of many applied petals, marked Rd 46394 on outside of bottom rim resting in clear Clarke lamp cup. 5.5" h x 4" w.
U-039.jpg (34272 bytes) U-39
Decorated blue satin glass cased in white fairy-size dome with matching decorated upturned fluted base. Clarke patent trademark ribbed candle cup and lamp cup. Base marked with a hand stamped Harrach trademark. 5.3" h x 7.2" dia.
U-040.jpg (30608 bytes) U-40
Ribbed crystal flower bowl base similar in design to R-100 & R-102 except two-piece. Matching ribbed lamp cup with integral candle cup. Yellow quilted satin glass fairy-size dome shown in R-723 for illustration only. Base 1.9" h. x 7" dia. (Marriage)