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U-001.jpg (101465 bytes) U-01
White porcelain pyramid-size fairy lamp standard with girl in hooded cape carrying firewood. Marked "DRGM Registered Germany." 6.5"h., 3.25" base diameter. Similar to R-705 through 708 and A-PI-3. (Probably not originally used with Clarke fairy lamps.)
U-002.jpg (117071 bytes) U-02
 Clear pressed crystal pyramid-size fairy lamp standard with handle and integral lamp cup with five raised points. Will support a 2.5" diameter dome. Six-sided design is consistent throughout standard, including handle. 8.0"h. x 4.5" w.  Fostoria Patent No. 42389, April 9, 1912.
U-003.jpg (83002 bytes) U-03
Webb acid Burmese pendant fairy lamp decorated in woodbine pattern with Clarke’s Burmese lamp cup and ruffled undecorated Burmese base with three upturned points. Ruffled base diameter is 5.0". Four-legged English pewter stand supports lamp when not hanging. (Marriage)
U-004.jpg (62022 bytes) U-04
Webb acid Burmese pyramid-size dome decorated in ivy pattern with clear ribbed Clarke’s candle cup and undecorated Burmese quadrafold base. Base includes applied hand tooled leaf to support menu card. Base is approximately 3.5" square
U-005.jpg (103025 bytes) U-05
Citron (pale olive green) Nailsea-type (Verre Moiré) fairy-size dome with white loopings. Dome rests on Clarke’s clear lamp cup and matching Nailsea-type (Verre Moiré) base. Six-pointed upturned ruffled base is applied to twelve-pointed ruffled foot. Overall height is 15".
U-006.jpg (68024 bytes) U-06
Jeweled brass fairy-sized dome on a brass base with four feet. Eight large 1" faceted jewels are set in individual filigree frames. Eight small .5" faceted jewels are applied at spaces between frames. Top opening is frame without jewel. Height 4.25". Unmarked. (Marriage)
U-007.jpg (67008 bytes) U-07
Burmese pyramid-size dome in Clarke’s crystal lamp cup. Brass stand contains two flowers with four amber jewels each, two unopened flower buds and five leaves. Overall height, not including wooden base is 8.75". Base is a modern adaptation. (Marriage)
U-008.jpg (16668 bytes) U-08
Pyramid-size decorated white shade. Unusual size and design with swirled ribbed panel near top. Opening at top is slightly smaller than overall diameter. Approximate height 4.5". (Not a fairy lamp shade.)
U-009.jpg (31212 bytes) U-09
  Frosted and paneled shade with filigree brass base. The base, originally silver plated, is Marked "B. Silverplate." Dome is 2.5" diameter and 5" high. Overall height with base is 6.25".  Will & Baumer Company, patent number 1292195, January 21, 1919.
U-010.jpg (114556 bytes) U-10
Satin Peachblow dome shading from deep rose to light pink cased in white. Four faceted jewels in different colors. Four air notches on bottom edge of dome. Scalloped top opening is polished. Matching hand tooled ruffled base. Overall height 5". No markings.
U-011.jpg (26864 bytes) U-11
Opalescent green fairy-size satin dome with four air notches in bottom edge. Clarke’s clear ribbed lamp cup. Base is medium green shading to light green cased in white with eight hand-tooled petals with enameled floral & filigree decoration. Smooth pontil mark. (Marriage - shade, cup and base)
U-012.jpg (27484 bytes) U-12
Turquoise blue chimney-style dome shading to frosted clear with diamond pattern. Has two air notches on bottom edge. Matching base has polished pontil mark. Hand-tooled fluted edges. Overall height is approximately 5.5", diameter is 6.5". Unmarked.
U-013.jpg (41414 bytes) U-13
Shiny Burmese "whimsy" top hat shaped dome in "S. Clarke Fairy Pyramid" lamp cup. Height 3.5", diameter 2.875". Fire polished top and bottom edges. (Actual original purpose of the shade is unknown.)
U-014.jpg (43724 bytes) U-14 (Clarke model number 146)
Epergne with 7 Webb Burmese fairy-size domes in Clarke’s Burmese lamp cups and matching Burmese bases. Each base is attached to a central frog with clear crystal arms, 7 curved, 1 straight. Scalloped & beveled mirrored base is 14.5" diameter. Overall height 13.5".
U-015.jpg (57875 bytes) U-15 (Clarke model number 234)
Blue Nailsea-type (Verre Moiré) fairy-size dome in Clarke’s clear ribbed lamp cup. Matching ruffled Nailsea-type (Verre Moiré) base with applied frosted petal skirt and upturned applied frosted petal to serve as menu holder. Similar to pyramid-size R-670.
U-016.jpg (122859 bytes) U-16
Lithophane shade with four scenes: toddler with frog, child with rabbit, young woman with deer, beggar woman with musical instrument. Shade is marked with a "Z." Unmarked gilded filigree base is not original. Shade is 5.3"d. x 2.25"d. x 2.25"h. (Marriage)
U-017.jpg (57069 bytes) U-17
Brilliant blue Wee-size "fairy lamp" dome in clear ribbed Clarke cup. Meridan cast metal base, number 371. The dome on the Wee-size lamp cup is the bowl of a Victorian goblet. The stem and a portion of the bowl has been removed to create the dome. 6.25"h.  (Marriage)
U-018.jpg (51370 bytes) U-18
Fairy Cricklite lamp cup and a bell-shaped Cricklite shade. Hand blown and tooled clear crystal standard with a domed base, horseshoe shaped sides, and an open circle top. There are ten raspberry prunts and two lion masks. 11.0"h. (Marriage)
U-019.jpg (107148 bytes) U-19
Representative examples of bell shaped Cricklite domes with pegged Clarke crystal cups on various types of candlesticks. Shades include beaded fabric, metal, and wicker. These examples illustrate the various ways clear Cricklites could have been used. (Marriages)
U-020.jpg (53695 bytes) U-20 (Known as "Clarke Bust")
Unusual frosted fairy lamp in the shape of a young woman.  Matching pedestal base holds the candle.  Air vents are in the back of the base and in the head.  Rd No 145668 – Samuel Clarke, March March 12, 1890.  7.5"h.