Fairy Lamp References

Fairy Lamp Books:

1887    Samuel Clarke's New Fairy Lights, Catalog reprint by T. Robert Anthony

1898    Clarke's New Patent "Cricklight" Lamps, Catalog reprint by T. Robert Anthony

1951    Clarke's Fairy Lamps, Dorothy Tibbetts

1962    Fairy Lamps - Evenings Glow of Yesteryear, Amelia E. MacSwiggan

1969    19th Century Fairy Lamps, T. Robert Anthony

1984    Fairy and Pyramid Lamps from the Collection of Robert Anthony Tobias, Robert W. Skinner, Auctioneer

1996    Fairy Lamps - Elegance in Candle Lighting, Bob and Pat Ruf

Related References to Fairy Lamps and Fairy Lamp Manufacturers:

????    A Facsimile of Two Thomas Webb & Son's Pattern Books, Principally for Cameo Glass by the Woodall Team, 1887-1901 Christopher Woodall Perry

1959    Nineteenth Century Glass - Its Genesis and Development, Albert Christian Revi

1966    Antique Glass and China, Geoffrey A. Godden

1967    Art Glass Nouveau, Ray and Lee Grover

1969    Confusing Collectibles, Dorothy Hammond

1971    Glass Gaffers of New Jersey, Adeline Pepper

1971    The Fabulous Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Robert W. Miller

1975    The Price Guide to the Models of W.H. Goss, Roland Ward

1980    English Cameo Glass, Ray and Lee Grover

1990    Harry Northwood, The Early Years 1881-1900, Heacock, Measell, & Wiggins

1992    The Concise Encyclopaedia & Price Guide to Goss China, Nicholas Pine

1992    Fostoria Ohio Glass II, Melvin L. Murray

1995    Collector's Encyclopedia of Milk Glass, Betty & Bill Newbound

1995    Collectible Bohemian Glass , 1880-1940, Robert & Deborah Truitt

1997    Hobbs Brockunier & Co, Glass, Neila and Tom Bredehoft

1997   The L.G. Wright Glass Company, James Measell & W.C. Roetteis

1999    Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass, Bill Edwards & Mike Carwile

1999    The Glass of John Walsh Walsh, 1850-1951, Eric Reynolds

2000    The Identification of English Pressed Glass, 1842-1908, Jenny Thompson

2002    Lamps and Lighting Price Guide, Kyle Husfloen, Antique Trader

2002    Mt. Washington Art Glass and Webb Burmese, Identification & Value Guide, Betty B. Sisk

2002    Victorian Decorative Glass, British Designs, 1850-1914, Mervyn Gulliver

2003    Central Glass Company - The First Thirty Years, Marilyn R. Hallock

2008    Lithophanes, Margaret Carney

Periodical Articles:

1953    Burmese Art Glass, Mrs. Herbert Landick, Hobbies-The Magazine for Collectors, November 1953
(Shows a few examples of fairy lamps.)

1954    Candle Burning Fairy Lamps, Amelia E. MacSwiggan, The Antiques Journal, August 1954

1955    More About Fairy Lamps, Amelia E. MacSwiggan, The Antiques Journal, September 1955

1955    Beautiful Burmese, J. Herbert Landick, The Glass Club Bulletin, NAGC, Program 1955-56
(No fairy lamps but relevant.)

1957    Star Lights, Mary E. Monze, The American Home, January 1957

1957    Lamps of Long Ago, Author Unknown, Sunday News, May 1957
(Shows photo of Dorothy Tibbett's with a portion of her collection.)

1957    Notes on The Fairy Lamp, Amelia MacSwiggan, Hobbies-The Magazine for Collectors, July 1957

1959    Clarke’s Fairy Lamps, Amelia MacSwiggan Rawding, Spinning Wheel, November 1959

1962    Fairy Lamps, B.R. Leffing Well, Hobbies-The Magazine for Collectors, July 1962
(Shows a few dozen examples of fairy lamps.)

1962    Fairy Lamps and Night Lights, Amelia E. MacSwiggan, The Antiques Journal, November 1962

1964    Fairy Lamp Fancies – A Pictorial from the Collection of James Lindemuth, Spinning Wheel, January-February 1964

1964    Satin Glass – Aristocrat of Victorian Art Glass, Harold H. Lanterman, The Antiques Journal, November 1964. (Shows two examples of fairy lamps)

1966    Fabulous Lithophanes and Their New Home, Don Maust, The Antiques Journal, November 1966.
(Illustrates several lithophane fairy/candle lamps)

1970    Night-Light Teapots, Amelia McSwiggan, The Antiques Journal, September 1970.

1971    Clarke's Patented Food Warmer, T. Robert Anthony, Spinning Wheel, May 1971

1972    Fairy Lamps, Amelia McSwiggan, The Antiques Journal, January 1972.

1973    Fairy Lamps, The Antique Reporter – Americas Monthly Newspaper on Antiques, August 1973

1973    Samuel Clarke’s Designs for Fairy Lamps, Albert Christian Revi, Spinning Wheel, March 1973

1974    Early Christmas Tree Lights, Amelia E. MacSwiggan, The Antiques Journal, December 1974
(Shows one fairy lamp)

1974    More Registered Designs for Fairy Lamps, Albert Christian Revi, Spinning Wheel, March 1974

1975    Samuel Clarke's Utilitarian Fairy Lamps, Amelia E. MacSwiggan, National Antiques Review, April 1975

1977    Ric Iorio and his Art Glass, JoAnn Rogers, The Antiques Journal, April 1977

1989    Insights into the Development of Burmese Glass - The Jules Barbe Pattern Book, Jane Chester Young, The Glass Club Bulletin, NAGC, Spring 1989 (No fairy lamps but relevant.)

1992    Clarke's Fairy Lamps, Lawrence Hartnell, The Upper Canadian, Jan/Feb 1992

1992    Collecting Magical Fairy Lamps, Victorian Sampler, Spring 1992

1996    Fostoria Hurricane and Candle Lamps, Glass Collector's Digest, February/March 1996

1996    Clarke's Fairy Lamps, Glass Collector's Digest, October/November 1996

1998    Thomas Webb & Sons - Queen's Burmese Ware, Glass Collector's Digest, April/May 1998
(No fairy lamps but relevant.)

2001    Night Lights & Fairy Lamps, Muriel Marshall-Jones, Collect It!, December 2001

2002    FAIRY: Sister's hobby is a fairy tale, Karen Rase, Dayton Daily News, March 7, 2002

2002    The Fairy Lamp Club, Antique Trader Collector Magazine & Price Guide, May 2002

2002    Exceeding "Fairy" Market Values, Bill Van Lannen, Antique Trader, October 9, 2002

2003    Fairy Lamps Cast Their Spell, Linda Rosenktantz, San Diego Union Tribune, November 9, 2003

2003    The Legacy of Samuel Clarke, The Man Behind the Fairy Light, David Issitt,
            West Cost Peddler, December 2003

2004    The Fairy Lamps of Samuel Clarke, Marking Times - The Journal of the Pressed Glass Collectors Club, Rod Crowshaw, Issue No. 36, Winter 2004

2005    The Legacy of Samuel Clarke, The Glasswriter Newsletter, David Issitt, Issue No. 7, December 2005

2007    The Legacy of Samuel Clarke - Fairy Lamp Inventor leaves a Glowing Legacy, David Issitt, The Glass and Pottery Collector, April 2007

2011    Fairest of Them All, April Lanza Boettcher, Victorian Homes, August 2011, Volume 30, Issue 4

If you know of any others references, just drop me a note.

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