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This is a short list of related websites that you may find useful.  It is not, and is not intended to be, an exhaustive listing of related websites.  Please let me know if you know of a website that our Fairy Lamp Club members may find helpful.

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Art Glass

Artius Glass (New)
Glass Museum On-Line
Great Glass
Fine Art Source

Auction Houses

Early Auction Company
Fontaine Auction Company
Green Valley Auctions
James D. Julia Auctions, Inc
Woody Auction Company

Clubs and Associations

Aladdin Knights 
Antique Worchester Porcelain Internet Archives
Early American Pattern Glass Society

Fairy Lamp Club & Newsletter

Goss Collector's Club
Historical Lighting Society of Canada  
International Guild of Lamp Researchers 
Night Light Miniature Lamp Club
National Fenton Glass Society
National American Glass Club
Rushlight Club
Westmoreland Glass Club

Fairy Lamp Collections

Graham and Helen


19th Century Lighting Company
The Lampworks 
Miniature Lamp Photo Gallery
Miniature Lamp Bid Tracker


Corning Museum of Glass
European Lighting Museum, Japan
Glass Museum On-Line
Houston Museum of Decorative Arts
Museum of American Glass

Glass Collections in Museums in the United States & Canada

Shows and Fairs

National Glass Collector's Fair (UK)

Useful References

Collectable Detective (New)
Dating Victorian glass by Registration Lozenge
Glass Encyclopedia

Glass Reference Materials
Great Glass Links
Great (Collectables and Antiques Directory)
Fenton Fanatics
Royal Worcester Date Codes
Royal Worcester Registration Numbers
The Collectors Weekly (Lamps of all types, including fairy lamps.)
Walton's Antique & Collectable Art Glass Dictionary

Fairy Lamp Club Members "other interests"

I know it is hard to believe, but many of our Fairy Lamp Club members have interest beyond fairy lamps (I told you it was hard to believe) and have developed personal websites.  I have provided this space for them to share their "other interests" with us.  Please drop me a note if you would like to share your "other interest" and I will add it to the list. To help us get started, I have provided a couple of my own.  Enjoy.  Jim

Rose Hill Civic Association by Jim
Woodside HOA by Jim

Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure by Jim
Park County Local History Archives by Jim
Park County Historical Society by Jim
Franconia Museum by Jim

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