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Many of the following articles are from the Fairy Lamp Newsletter and others are from historical or current publications.  Additional articles will be put on-line as required. If you have an interest in a particular article or believe it will be of interests to others, please let me know and I will do what I can to put it on-line.

Carl Radke - Phoenix Studios by Jim (New)

Issue LVI

August 2010

Webb Burmese - Original and Not So Original by Jim

Issue LVI

August 2010

Fenton Fairy Light Molds by Joanne Nehler


August 2003

A Collector's Club Offering More Than Just Chatting by John Scherz

Collector's Corner

February 2007

The Legacy of Samuel Clarke by David Issitt

The Glasswriter Newsletter

December 2005

Murano Fairy Lamp with Applied Decoration by Jim


August 2005

Murano Fairy Lamps by Lloyd and Nan


August 2004

Westmoreland Glass Company by Lloyd and Nan

Issue XXVI

August 2000

Fabulous Lithophanes and Their New Home by Don Maust

Antiques Journal

November 1966

Stevens and Williams Hanging Fairy Lamp by Jim


August 2003

Harrach Fairy Lamp Identified by Jim


May 2003

Iorio Furnaces by Pat, Bob, and Jim


May 2003

Goss Night Lights by Pat & Bob

Issue XXVI

February 2003

Identification of Mother of Pearl Glass Patterns by Stu Horn

Independent Study

June 2003

Exceeding "Fairy" Market Values by Bill Van Lannen

Antique Trader

October 2002

Insights into the Development of Burmese Glass:
The Jules Barbe Pattern Book
by Jane Chester Young

The Glass Club Bulletin, NAGC

Spring 1989

Mat-Su-No-Ke Rose Bowl – Or, Is It? by Graham, Helen & Jim


May 2002

Harrach Fairy Lamp Identified by Jim

Issue XXIV

August 2002

The Fairy Lamp Club

Collector Magazine

May 2002

FAIRY: Sisters' hobby is a fairy tale by Karen Rase

Dayton Daily News

March 2002

Fairy Lamps Go on Display at Stagecoach Inn Museum
by Jennifer Ludlow

The Acorn

April 2002

Seeing the Light by Muriel Marshall-Jones

Collect It!

Dec 2001

'Tis the Season...for Victorian Illumination Lamps

The Ohio Swirl

Dec 2001

"Star Lights" by Mary E. Monze

Sunday News

May, 1957

Ribbon Satin Swirl, Mother of Pearl

Issue XIX

Nov 2001

Old English Night Lights

Issue VIII

Aug 1998

Nailsea or Verre Moiré Fairy Lamps

Issue XIV

Feb 2000

Light Your Lamps

Issue XI

May 1999

George Davidson's Blue "Pearline"

Issue XIV

Feb 2000

George Davidson & Company, Ltd.

Issue IX

Nov 1998

Decoration of Webb Burmese Glass, The


Feb 2001

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