On-Line Fairy Lamp Discussion Group

You are invited to join the Fairy Lamp Discussion Group. It will provide you the opportunity to solicit and share information related to fairy lamps, both Victorian and contemporary.

My intention when creating this forum was to create a community of fairy lamp collectors to share information and personal knowledge related to fairy lamps and related topics such as manufacturers, art glass, advertisements, etc.

As with any discussion group, I think it is important that we have some ground rules to follow.

Ground Rules for Fairy Lamp Discussion Group

Rule 1: Try to keep focused on the topic. I understand the need to occasionally drift off topic but let's try to keep it to a minimum. Remember, not everyone enjoys "junque mail."

Rule 2: Disagree when necessary, but do it a manner that you would expect from someone else.

Rule 3: Email attachments are OK but they should be kept to less than 100kb. No one enjoys waiting for a large file to download. If the file you wish to share is larger than that, please post it on the Internet server and provide a link to the file in your message.

Rule 4: If your message is not related fairy lamps and related topics (glass, manufactures, etc.) please use OT or OFF TOPIC in the beginning of the subject title of your message.

Rule 5: Please do not use this forum for personal messages.

Rule 6: Use good ol' fashioned common sense and we won't have to create any new rules.

Rule 7: Don't be shy. Every question is worth asking and every answer in worth hearing.

And finally,

Rule 8: Have fun! This forum should be a pleasant experience for you. If not, don't let it ruin your day. Life is too short to spend time participating in things you don't enjoy.

I have provided these ground rules so that we all are on the same sheet of music. While the discussion group is un-moderated, I reserve the right to use my best judgement to exercise my privileges as "owner" to keep us on track.

Any comments, suggestions or questions should be sent directly to me at jimsapp7@msn.com.

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