The Fairy Lamps of Samuel Clarke

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Revised Wholesale Price List
September 1888

This twenty-page document provides invaluable information about the broad range of Clarke's fairy lamp designs and how they were marketed.  Many entries include a Clarke model number, description, color availability, and wholesale price.  The descriptions are particularly informative and provide first-hand knowledge of the terms or names used at the time.   For example, do you recognize: "Crinkled Top," "Transparent Porcelain," "Corallo Lamp," "Garden Lamp," Gipsy Lamp," "The Aspen," The Ivy," or how about "The Globe Fairy Lamp"?   These little known tidbits of information are all here just waiting for you to put the bits of information together.  So, as you delve into this price list match the model numbers with The Fairy Lamps of Samuel Clarke, 1887-1891 where many of the models included in this list are illustrated.  You may be surprised at what you find.

The prices, except where noted as each, are per dozen expressed in British pounds, shillings, and pence.  For example, the price: 1 12/6 is 1 pound, 12 shillings, 6 pence.   Most entries are in shillings/pence.  Up until 1971, British money was made up of pence, shillings and pounds. There were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound.  While the 1888 prices seem exceptionally low, it is necessary to convert the price to today's value to fully appreciate the cost.  The conversion, of course, is not trivial.  However, some really smart economists at Economy History Net have put together a web page to help with the conversion.  You simply put in the amount and the year you wish to convert to and "like magic" the comparable amount is calculated.  For example: 1 in 1888 is equivalent to about 66 today.  Or, at today's rates, 66 is equal $103.  So, a dozen decorated Burmese shades were 30 shillings in 1888.  At today's prices that would be about 98 or $153 a dozen.   $12.75 each!  What a deal!  I'll take a dozen. :-)  (Note: Special thanks to my friends on the Art Glass Discussion Group for helping me with this pricing information.)

Well, enough with the "tech talk."  Let's get on with checking out the Price List.  Just click on a page number of your choice.  Or, just start at Page 1 and check them all out.  You will not be sorry you did.

Page 1 Garden Lamp, Peg Lamp, Flower Circles, Hand Lamp, and Light Pendants
Page 2 Various shades with bowls to match
Page 3 Bowls, Coloured Pendants, Gipsy Lamp, Epergnes, Coloured Glass Candelabra
Page 4 Plaques, Richly Cut Glass, and Coloured Bowls with Lamps and Shades to Match
Page 5 Fairy Lamp Mirrors, "Fairy" Pendants, Suspending Lamps, "Fairy" Queens Burmese
Page 6 Fairy Lamp Mirrors, Bowls with Lamps Complete, Queens Burmese Decorated Patent, Burmese Ware Undecorated. Queen's Burmese Ware Patent
Page 7 Fairy Light Chandelier in Burmese Ware, New Lamps in Porcelain, Clarke's Patent Fairy Lights, Clarke's Patent Pyramid Lights, Rustic Flower Stands with Lamps
Page 8 Fairy Lamps (New Patterns), New Designs in Tapestry Ware
Page 9 Globe Fairy Lamp, Extra Fairy Menu Cards
Page 10 Illustrations of Models 235 - 241
Page 11 Illustrations of Models 242 - 248
Page 12 Fairy Lamp Bracket for Gas Lamps
Page 13 Fairy Lamp Bracket for Gas Chandelier
Page 14 Advertisement: Fairy Lamps and Fairy Lights for Ornamental Lighting
Page 15 Illustrations of Models 8, 11, 14, 15, 16, and 20
Page 16 Illustrations of Models 12, 17, 19, and 110
Page 17 Illustrations of Models 10, 13, 22, Fairy Glass and Fairy Light
Page 18 Nursery Lamp & Food Warmer (without hand lamp).  Several Exposition Awards and dates.
Page 19 Burglars Horror and Hand Lamp
Page 20 Advertisement Royal Botanic Society of London, William Sowerby, Secretary

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