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ClairRFliess_AT.jpg (22876 bytes)Our Collector Club section this month is really exciting and features' Nippon and Fairy Lamps with many beautiful photographs of each. I did not know anything about Fairy Lamps and was pleased to find out about them from the write-up sent in by The Fairy Lamp Club by Jim Sapp.  I thought that they were something that Disney designed to promote one of their films with Tinkerbell's magic wand tapping the lamp for it to glow.  Little did I know.

Claire R. Fliess


The Fairy Lamp Club
Antique Trader's Collector Magazine & Price Guide
May 2002 Pages 38-39

Fairy lamps are candle-burning lights. They come in seemingly endless designs and are made from a broad range of art glass materials including Burmese, satin glass, peachblow, Verre Moiré (Nailsea-type) as well as crystal, lithophanes and cameo designs. Their popularity peaked during the Victorian era and continues today among avid collectors. Best known of this period were the fairy lamps marketed by Samuel Clarke. Clarke was a candle maker by trade but patented the holders for his candles. He granted licenses to many other glass and porcelain manufacturers in the U.K., Europe and the United States to make the lamp parts and art glass shades for his company and other licensed distributors. Clarke patented lamps came in three sizes (fairy, pyramid and wee) each with at least a dome and a clear or matching lamp cup. The clear cups often were embossed with Clarke's trademark and logo - a fairy holding a wand. Hence the name – "fairy lamp." Fairy lamps also came on elaborate stands, pottery bases, wall plaques, chandeliers and epergnes, often with nosegay type flower holders.

The Fairy Lamp Club, established 1996, is dedicated to the research and advancement of information related to Victorian and contemporary fairy lamps. It is the largest club dedicated to this specialized collectible. The members, approximately 155, are throughout the United States with members from Canada, England and Australia. The quarterly Fairy Lamp Newsletter is published in the months of February, May, August and November. The primary focus of the newsletter is Victorian era fairy lamps, but its content is open to contemporary fairy lamps as well. In addition to articles specific to fairy lamps, the newsletter often contains photos of previously undocumented fairy lamps, classified ads with fairy lamps and other related items for sale or trade, fairy lamp auction reports, Internet news, relevant publications, etc.

The Fairy Lamp Club's Web site is an invaluable resource of information. It includes fairy lamp reference materials, complete Index of the Fairy Lamp Newsletters, and several on-line articles. In addition, the Web site hosts several ongoing research projects including The Burmese Decorations of Thomas Webb, Fenton Fairy Lights - 1953-2002 and The Fairy Lamps of Samuel Clarke- 1887-1891.

The Fairy Lamp Club Web site is located at www.fairylampclub.com.

CollectorArticle006.jpg (140608 bytes)

Fairy lamp epergne with two acid Burmese fairy-size domes, three acid Burmese posey vases and acid Burmese central column all decorated in prunus pattern. 10" high by 9" wide. $2,500-3,500.

CollectorArticle001.jpg (126235 bytes)

Chimney style satin glass with translucent pink ruffles around top of shade and edge of matching base. The shade was blown into an angular six-sided shape with an all over diamond optic pattern. 6-1/2" by 6" diameter $350-500.

CollectorArticle004.jpg (110310 bytes)

Carmel-colored peachblow fairy-size dome with crimped top rim on Clarke lamp cup resting on a matching bowl with inward fluted rim. 5-1/2" high by 4-1/2" wide. $500-700.

CollectorArticle009.jpg (97495 bytes)

Blue shading to clear diamond quilted MOP satin fairy-size dome in a clear Clarke lamp cup resting on the internal shoulder of a matching bulbous base with ruffled outwardly flared rim. 7-1/2" high by 5-1/4" diameter. $500.

CollectorArticle012.jpg (32337 bytes)

Pink and white spatter pyramid-size dome with clear overlay and embossed petal pattern in matching ribbed lamp cup resting in matching pedestal base with downward row of six applied clear leaves on the top and six applied leaves forming the food. 8-1/2" high by 4.6" wide $250-350.

CollectorArticle002.jpg (45286 bytes)

Pairpoint shade in puffy Pansy pattern with natural colors painted on inside of dome on turned walnut standard. 7-5/8" high by 4-1/4" wide. $1,500-2,000.

CollectorArticle010.jpg (52813 bytes)

Painted bisque pyramid-size figural candle lamp with monkey playing mandolin on crescent Man in the Moon with pierced stars. Impressed Fleur de Lis pattern on unpainted back. 3-1/2" by 3-1/2" wide. $350-500.

CollectorArticle011.jpg (53026 bytes)

Pink shading to clear frosted bulbous dome with deeply ruffled pink top rim and embossed with opposing diagonal ribs. Chimney type dome rests in matching low base. 5-3/4" high by 7-1/2" wide. $500- 750.

CollectorArticle000.jpg (37626 bytes)

White satin cased in butterscotch with flared and fluted top rim. Dome sits on shoulder of matching cased base with down turned ribbon rim. 5-1/2" high by 5' wide. $350-500.

CollectorArticle003.jpg (71654 bytes)

Pink and white spatter fairy-size dome with embossed reverse swirl pattern in matching base with row of applied icicles around lamp cup rim and another row on bottom forming the feet. 4" high by 3-1/4" wide. $250-350.

CollectorArticle008.jpg (64142 bytes)

Blue ground Nailsea type fairy-size dome with white loopings in Clarke lamp cup resting on top shoulder of matching base with downturned fluted rim and applied clear frosted foot. Original Clarke paper label. 5-3/4" high by 5-3/4" wide. $900-1,100.

CollectorArticle007.jpg (60910 bytes)

Yellow satin cased in white fairy-size dome decorated with English robin and multicolored foliage in clear frosted Clarke lamp cup resting on rim of matching quadrafold base. 6" high by 5-1/4" square by 7-1/2" across. $700-900.

CollectorArticle005.jpg (45468 bytes)

Blue light cased in white fairy-size dome embossed with reverse drape pattern in Clarke lamp cup. 4-I/2" high by 4" diameter. $200-350.

CollectorArticle013.jpg (102353 bytes)

Deep red ground Nailsea type fairy-size dome in Clarke lamp cup resting on center post of matching base with upturned ribbon rim. 5-1/4" high by 9-I/2" wide. $650-900.

CollectorArticle014.jpg (91218 bytes)

Blue pressed crystal fairy-size dome resting in matching scalloped upwardly flared base marked Baccarat Depose. 4' high by 5-1/2" diameter. $350-500.

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