Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

September 2004

Dscn8102.jpg (650945 bytes)
Owen is our backup excavator.  He is a lot older than he looks. 

SappHouse.jpg (137037 bytes)
Three bay garages are a must in "snow country." The front door is on the left of the garage.

Dscn8097.jpg (616333 bytes)
Garage has two large windows to allow the bears in. "Log siding" will cover all the framed areas (garage & lower level).

Dscn8111.jpg (544437 bytes)
"Logs" are unwrapped and ready to go.
Dscn8115.jpg (554781 bytes)
The first course of logs are in place. They are screwed and glued together.
Dscn8124.jpg (523113 bytes)
Look a lot like giant Lincoln Logs.  They are actually four 2x6's glued together.  The flat surface is the interior wall.
Dscn8125.jpg (633873 bytes)
The front door is adjacent to the garage.   This wall and the angled wall will be faced with stone. 
Dscn8143.jpg (481825 bytes)
This looks like fun!
September007.jpg (109684 bytes)
The room in the back is the master bedroom and bath. Door will go to the deck and window is over the sink with a view of Lion's Head.
September009.jpg (543565 bytes)
Bedroom and kitchen walls from the outside.   Windows on the lower level are two guest rooms for you and yours. :-)
The tubes in the ground are footings for the deck.
September010.jpg (153540 bytes)
Stacking the logs is really easy. (Easy for me to say.)  They are screwed and glued together.
DSCN8190_Mod.jpg (364129 bytes)
This is the main beam that supports the roof.   It is 31 feet long and 30 inches deep.  It will be exposed in the ceiling of the Great Room.
DSCN8195_Mod.jpg (629941 bytes)
The trusses were delivered today and they have already begun to set them in place. Now the house will begin to take shape.
DSCN8206_Mod.jpg (549397 bytes)
A "boat load" of materials was delivered today.  Looks like there is everything they need to get this house under roof.

This "little crane" set two support columns for the main ridge beam and I-beam over the large bay of the garage.

The "big crane" has arrived and the "Boss" is in her chair.  Let the fun begin!

It doesn't look very big now.

Easy does it.  We don't want to knock anyone off their ladder.

Ridge beam is resting securely in its cradle and the roof trusses are just about in place

You cannot imagine how high the ridge beam is.   But, try anyway. :-)

It is really starting to look like a house.   Cool!!
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