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Landscaping 101 - Colorado Style

Welcome to Jimmy & Patsy's Landscaping Projects for 2006.

Many will find the following photos pretty boring unless they are to "visualize" what is to come in the future.  Of course, landscaping in the mountains of Colorado is difficult at best.  The summers are short, the winters are cold, the soil is rocky, the rain is seldom, and the Elk eat everything and anything.  None the less, we have planted a few things around the house that just may thrive under these difficult conditions.

This year's landscaping project can be best described as "experimental."  We just do not really know what will grow here.  We have, however, talked with many friends and neighbors and even took a short course in "Mountain Landscaping."  We tried to pick plants that will grow in dry conditions, grow above 8000 feet, tolerate temperatures to 20 below, and most importantly, Elk and deer don't like.  But, like the class instructor says, "A herd of Elk can do a lot of damage just nibbling on a bush only to learn they don't like it."  Seems like they all have to taste it to make sure.

There is still plenty of work to do but we will wait until next year to see what comes back to life next Spring.  In the meantime, we will try to help our plants get a foothold in preparation for the long cold winter ahead.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Hopefully, this won't be our last landscaping project.

A small area beside our front walk has three Mungo Pines and four different kinds of ground cover.  Surely, one will take over this small area.  In addition, there are a few Asian Lilies and Columbine for a little color.

Three tall cedars to hide the open space under the front porch.  Under normal conditions they would get really big.  Here, however, I think there size will be manageable here in Colorado.  If not, I still have my clippers.

Three "crawly junipers" to hang over the wall and a couple red-leaf thorny bushes.  In Virginia, I didn't like the thorny bushes but here, it seems like just the thing to keep the elk and deer away.

Now, imagine this area full of wild flowers.  Can't see it?  Well, you will just have to come for a visit next Spring.

Several low growing junipers and a few yellow flowers for color.  This is a nice area because my computer is in this room and I can see the flowers (and, deer) from my desk.

This is a real experimental area.  We have a few low junipers that will grow for sure.  In addition, there are several varieties of daisies, ground cover, day lilies, and few bearded irises that came from Mount Vernon to Stratford Landing to Tappahannock to Rose Hill to Indiana and now Colorado.

Same area as above.  Sorry you can't see all the little sprigs of ground cover.  Hopefully, next years photo will be better.

This is a small area by the lower patio off the deck.  It has a little of everything in it.  Mostly different types of ground cover with a few daisies and a low juniper.  Hopefully "something" will come back next Spring.

You can see that some of the ground cover is beginning to take hold.  The moss rock is also part of the landscape.  I understand the moss needs an occasional beer to grow.  Finally, a good use for Budweiser.

You name it, it is here.  Several types of ground cover, flowering bushes, columbine, and a lupine that I am really looking forward to blooming next year.  They are really cool flowers.

One of the nicest things about living in "the woods" is that there is plenty of rocks and stumps to use as erosion control and a place for "little things" to grow.  The stumps are pretty easy to relocate.  The rocks, however, tend to be on the heavy side.

I hope this hose takes root.  I plan to keep everything watered until it gets established.  After that, I plan to turn over the watering job to a higher power.

Junipers, ground covers, lupines, and several flowering shrubs.  The stump is really cool.  It is covered with moss and stuff. 

Short and tall junipers will eventually fill this area with a sprinkling of yellow flowers and ground cover.  Well, that's the plan, anyway.

This is the back side of the garage and only has low junipers for now.  The large moss rock weighs more than I do (if you can believe that) and has traveled quite a distance to end up here.  Fortunately, I am pretty stubborn and managed to get it here without damaging something important.

A few Alberta Spruce (at $3 we couldn't resist) and a wildflower garden.  Looks pretty pitiful now but just you wait until next Spring.  The walkway is to allow the deer and Elk easy access to the flowers. 

One the far left is a small Yucca (Patsy loves Yuccas).  I am hoping that it is not the only thing that survives in these hard conditions.  Patsy won't let me water it, fearing that I will drown it.

These are very tall junipers (hopefully).  The tag says they will reach 15' tall and 5' wide.  If they get half that I'll be happy.

The purpose of the tall junipers is to hide the cut for the driveway.  If they grow, it will be great.  If not, we have a Plan B.

Plan B is Virginia Creeper.  This experiment is to see if it will grow on the slope of the cut.  I have a few strings to give it a hint to which way to grow.  If it survives and grows up the slope, I just may have to come back to Virginia to get some more.  This little sprig was darn expensive for a "weed"

My kind of gardening.  Just the right height for watering but, unfortunately, right at the Elk's eye level.

Well, here is Pricilla and her friend Toddy.  They guard the geraniums from the Elk.

All the Geraniums are one the deck.....for good reason.

This is the two small gardens as viewed from the deck.  They could be really nice next Spring.  If not, I can always get more flagstone.  See the dirt in the background?  That is the next place to get seeded in "wild grass."

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Patsy wants me to cover the foundation wall with stone.  So, I put it on my "Project List".  Perhaps it will get done before winter sets in.  If not, it will give me something to do next year.  (As if I had a shortage of projects.)

Of all the work we have done, I like this little area the best

Well, most of you are asleep by now so I better close this off.  Hopefully, these little guys won't be too big when you come for a visit.

Stay tuned.......many more projects "in work."

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