Jimmy & Patsy's "Ongoing" Adventure

Not all of our projects are outdoors, some (actually most) are inside.  Below are just a few examples of what keeps us from watching day-time TV and taking naps in the afternoon.  People really do that??

One of my biggest projects around the house is keeping Patsy happy.  It is not too difficult because she likes the simple things in life.  That's why she pick me.  Tonight was the first use of our "house warming gift."   The wind was calm, the ground was wet, the air was cool and we had lots of dry firewood to burn.  And.....we have a bottle of wine that just had to be drunk before it went bad.  Aagh...the good life.

I hate to eat my own words!!

There are two things I didn't want with our new house.  One was gutters.....which we have.  The other was a lawnmower!!
Well, as you can see, we have a new addition to our family.

As you can see, we have overachieved in seeding our yard.  All I wanted to do was plant enough grass to keep the dirt in place.  I fully expected the deer and elk to keep it cut back.....which the did quite well last year.  Last year, however, we had the only green grass for miles around since we were watering it to get it started.  The deer and elk loved it!  This grass was planted last year and has already been cut twice this year with a weed whacker!  The problem is RAIN!  July and August are the monsoon months and we get an afternoon shower nearly every day.  Since the whole valley has an abundance of green grass, the deer and elk don't waste their time on our little piece of Colorado.  I hope they choke!!

This grass was planted this spring and has yet to be cut.  I think I am going to leave it "natural" and only try to keep the grass around the house at bay.

I started laying these paving blocks last year. They are to control the flow of water along the driveway and they empty into the culvert at the end of the driveway.   I completed the right side all the way to the garage (about 400 feet) but only barely got started on the left side before the ground froze last October.  I just completed this project and have moved on to other things, i.e. splitting firewood for the coming winter.  Whew!  I am really glad this little task is behind me.

We saved $4000!
(Provided you don't count Patsy's Labor)

Yes, believe it or not, the estimate was $4000 to have honey-combed shades made for our upper windows.  Patsy made "upside down" Roman shades at a fraction of the cost.....not including labor.  Not only was it a HUGH sewing project, the developmental engineering was truly "ground-breaking."  She never gave up, even after making 3 or 4 prototypes to get them to fold properly.  Truly an amazing piece of work!  Oh, in case you forgot, it is twenty feet to the top of that beam.  Yikes! I'm too old for this!

Our view is due west.  That means the afternoon and evening sun pours through our front windows.  In the Winter, it is great.  Summer time, however, is another story.  But, now we have it all.  Bright and warm when it is cold and cool and shady when it is hot. 

Let the landscaping begin! 
This is really pitiful by eastern standards.  Finally, we have begun planting a few things around the house.  We greatly exaggerate when we refer to it as "landscaping."  Plant selection is minimal at best.  Plants have to grow above 8,000 feet, tolerate 20 below zero, require little or no water, and be deer and elk resistant. That alone eliminates 95 percent of the selection.  Oh, yeah. I almost forgot....they have to be "real cheap" in case they don't survive.  Here in the mountains, one house in twenty will have a few bushes around the house....and no one has "grass."  Gees, this is no place for a gardener.  Glad I got my gardening out of my system in Virginia.

(Click on Pricilla Peacock to see Landscaping Projects)
Hi.  My name is Pricilla.  You probably don't know me but I am sure you know my cousin who works for NBC.  I could have been famous too but I decided to come to Colorado with Jimmy and Patsy.  I like it here and have met many new four-legged friends.  Jimmy and Patsy have just about finished all their landscaping projects for this year and want to show you what they have done.  So, just click on my Geranium and I'll take you to "Landscaping 101 - Colorado Style."   Psst....don't forget to come back to see the remaining projects on this page.

If anyone thinks buying new sofas doesn't qualify as a "project", has never been furniture shopping.  Whew!  I'm glad this little project is behind us!

A lot of factors go into buying a new sofa.  First and foremost is, how does it "fit your butt."  Many of today's sofas are built for "lounging" and not "sitting."  And, would you believe many coffee tables raise up to make a table to eat on the sofa in front of the TV.  Man, what is this world coming to!

And, what do two old folks need most.....a "love seat" of course.

Now this really qualifies as a project!  We bought this really old (even older than me) gate leg table to use as a sofa table.  (Just why the sofa needs a table is beyond me.)  We thought the table was cherry but, alas, when the finish was stripped off, we discovered it was walnut.  A little disappointing, but it turned out pretty nice just the same.

This project is long overdue!  This bit of masking tape has been hanging downing from under the deck for at least 18 months.  I was hoping it would come off by itself, but that was not to be.  I have looked at it at least a hundred times and said "I get it down later."  The problem is, of course, I had to drag the ladder out to reach it.  Now that it is gone....I think I miss it.

Finally!......A place to hang my hat!  I love projects like this.

More to come.......many projects "in work."

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