Jimmy & Patsy's "Ongoing" Adventure

Not all of our projects are outdoors, some (actually most) are inside.  Below are just a few

New Cherry Table - All Finished
(Or, re-finished)

Well, this is where the table began to come to life.  The legs have been stripped and the top is half done. We bought this table, 6 chairs, and another table slightly smaller than this one while visiting Brian, Suzanne, Owen, and Hayden in Indiana.  Good thing we have a BIG gas-guzzler.

Patsy didn't want the old chairs in the photos but this shows the color of the cherry the best.  See how nicely it goes with the corner cupboard.

The cherry is natural color with no stain to even out the dark and light woods.  It is just the "look" we wanted.

It has eight legs, two for each drop leaf.  This, and remaining photos, show it with the center leaf in place.

This is a pretty good representation of the color.  But, you really have to see it in person to appreciate the tones and grain..

Oh yeah, we also bought the little night stand while we were in Indiana.  It is also cherry.

After weeks of work, the table and all six chairs have been stripped and refinished.

The cherry was left natural color and it seems to go quite well with the other cherry furniture, especially Bill & Ada's corner cupboard.

With the extra leaf, the table will sit 10 comfortable and more it we scruntch up a bit.

We bought this little drop leaf in Indiana.  It is quite old (even older than I am) and will eventually serve as an end table.

The other end table is currently resting next to "our children" and Grandma's "Money Plant."

Say "Good Night," Gracie.

Well, that is enough for now.  I will add new photos in the Spring to bring you up-to-date on
"Jimmy and Patsy's Ongoing Adventure"

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