Jimmy & Patsy's "Ongoing" Adventure

We left off with a pile of flagstone (Colorado Red Flagstone, naturally) and this is what we did with it.  "We", in this case, is a young fella named Miguel.  The same Miguel who did the stone work on the house.  He is not very big, but boy is he strong!  This was the first phase of this project.......plenty more to come. 

We will begin our "tour" of this project at these steps on the right side of the garage.  Some of the granite fieldstone is real and some of it is concrete.  Can you tell which is which?  I know because the "real thing" is a lot cheaper than the fake stuff. :-)

The walkway from the steps lead to the back door of the garage where we put a small patio.  What is the pile of paving blocks, you say?  Well, that is another project currently underway that will have to wait until spring to complete.  I would show you what it is but it is covered in snow right now.  But, trust me, it is a BIG project!

The walkway from the garage leads to the patio off the deck.  We are planning to put a small "fire box" on this patio for those cool summer nights.  However, it seems that there is little time for that much relaxation.  The cardboard box is filled with "fake stone" that we will use to cover some of the exposed foundation walls with (like we did in the front of the garage).  Yet another project for another time. I am sure most of you don't own a metal trash can.  The one I have next to the box is for my fire place ashes.  Patsy won't let me keep it in the garage....for good reason.

We put two retaining walls in to manage the slope from the deck landing.  The walls are real stone and have about 4 feet below ground.  The ground freezes mighty deep here in Colorado and you need to get well below the frost line if you want your wall to stay put.

The walkway from the deck leads to the outside door from the lower family room.  Or, commonly known as the "Guest Quarters".  We plan to hang a "two-person" swing from the deck.  There is a real nice view from here and it is shady and cool during the summer.   I have not decided what to do about the deck footings yet but, disguise them somehow.

There is no walkway (yet) across the front of the house.  We plan to landscape that with "Elk resistant" plants.  We did, however, put in a short retaining wall, most of which is below ground, to keep the dirt (decomposed granite) in place.  The short wall at the top is the edge of the sidewalk to the front door.    The tour is done.....please pay on your way out.

Wait......there are a couple more projects.

If you squint, you can see the heat tape that was installed on the eaves of the roof just yesterday.  This is the north side of the house where the sun never shines during the winter.  The heat tape will keep ice dams from forming and, hopefully, keep the water outside where it belongs.

Speaking of water...this little pond is all that remains of a really big "project."  Patsy and I buried the drains from our gutter downspouts to keep the water away from the house. Three of the drains empty into this little pond.  It holds the water just long enough to keep from washing away the dirt (decomposed granite).  I thought it was a clever idea.  Most city folks, however, think it is my septic field. :-)

Also this week, we took out two more trees that were blocking our view of Lion's Head.  As you can see, they are still waiting to be cut into lengths and split for firewood.  Trust me, they are a lot bigger than they look in this photo.  Yet another project for another day.

Speaking of trees.......the following photos (all taken from the same place) show how our view from the great room has changed in the past few months.  Needless to say, cutting down the trees is the easy part.  The splitting and hauling is a little harder.  The burning on the cold winter nights is the reward.

Well, that is enough for now.  I will add new photos in the Spring to bring you up-to-date on
"Jimmy and Patsy's Ongoing Adventure"

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