Jimmy & Patsy's "Ongoing" Adventure

Dear Friends and Family,

Now that we have moved into our new home we have come to the realization that "the work has only just begun."  A new house is just that...a new house.  Many things still need to be done to make a house a home and, as you all know, that process never really ends.  I plan to use this webpage to let you keep up with the many "projects" that tend to keep us pretty busy.


Sheep or Goat?
Well, if you recall the June wildlife lesson, you will know that this is a sheep, specifically, a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. This is a ewe and her horns won't get any bigger.  The rams, however, develop a really big set of horns.  This one was on the top of Mount Evans (14,000' feet) along with a dozen or so of his friends and family, including several newborns.   We saw several on a recent trip to the "high country". 

One of our first tasks was to get grass started before winter sets in.  As you can see, it is coming in nicely but, not without a lot of really hard work.  Our neighbors are concerned that we are building a golf course but, I assured them that I have no plans to mow it.  Hopefully, it will mature into a natural Colorado setting.  The deer and elk have already found our lush pasture and staked out their territory by leaving a deposit.  Unlike Virginia's Whitetail, elk leave a "BIG" deposit.

Speaking of deer, actually Mule Deer, these three bucks (our boys) spend two or three days a week snoozing behind our garage.  They don't seem to mind our coming and goings and only look up to see what we are up to.  I suspect they will remain "friends" until the velvet falls off their antlers and then.....its every buck for himself.

If you recall, Ken and I cut down eight trees in out front yard.  Once the trees hit the ground, Ken said "See ya."  For the next two weeks, I split and split, and split some more until all the trees were neatly stacked behind the garage.....which, of course is up hill from where the trees fell.  This stack is 16 feet long and five feet high.  It is only one of five stacks.  The remaining four are behind this one.   The sad part is, I still have many more trees to take down and split.  Oh, my aching back! 

We put some cabinet lights under our kitchen cabinets.  They are the small disk-type and seem to work pretty well.  We often leave them on at night as they provide just enough light to sleep by in front of the TV.

This is a really boring job!

This the fourth of six truck loads of asphalt.

This could make for a great sleigh-riding hill this winter.

This is our helipad for when the snow gets too deep to get out of the garage.

With a flurry of activity and an army of workers, we had our driveway paved.  Needless to say, it was an exciting day.  It only took about four hours, 8-10 workers, and six truckloads of asphalt.  Oh, my aching wallet!  But, the good news is, I can get the trash can down to the street a lot easier now.  And, the elk and deer have easy access to our "pasture."

We don't get many red sunsets in the mountains because the air is so dry.  However, when we do, they are spectacular.  August is the "monsoon season" and we usually get a brief thunderstorm in the afternoons.  The cloud cover makes for the brilliant sunsets.

Hmmm....this looks like a "project" in the works.  Stay tuned, you'll hear more about this one.
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