Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

October 2004

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Shea is our backup framer.  She is a lot stronger than she looks but she may need a little help with these.

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Patsy and I went to Arizona for a few days.  A lot was accomplished while we were away!

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It is not quite under roof yet....but real close.

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Most of the rafters in the "great room" were installed today.  They are designed to support the heaviest of snows!

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Hmmmm......it appears that they got the sheathing on just in time.
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Today is October 13th.  This is not the first snow of the year but at 4-5 inches the deepest .......so far.  :-)

After a short delay, the rafters are finally in place over the great room.  It won't be too long before it is covered.
Did I mention the great room is 20' high, floor to ceiling?  Guess that is why it is call a "Great Room." :-)

Just wanted to remind you what our view will be from the great room once we decide which trees to take out. The largest
mountain, Mount Evans at 14,000 feet, is hidden behind the clouds. 

Left to right: dining area with view of Lion's Head, kitchen with door to deck, and bedroom in back.

Left to right: kitchen with bedroom in back, pantry and laundry room with door to garage,
and fireplace with front door and stairs to lower level in back.
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Finally, except for a two overhang areas, the roof is prepared to be shingled.  The uncovered rectangle on the
left is where the chimney will come out.  It will be covered with faux stone to match the front entrance.
Dscn8407.jpg (725645 bytes)
Finally, all the steel posts are in place and the windows for the great room are on their way.  Needless to say....
they are a pretty big chunks of glass.  In case you forgot, the great room faces west.  They have also started to install the
"log siding" on the lower level.  These are 2x6's milled to look like logs.  The white unfinished strip will be where the deck
will be attached to the house.
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Pretty boring stuff but the rough plumbing is beginning to take shape.  Did I mention we asked for hot and cold
water to be available in the garage with a utility sink.  Patsy hates to wash the car with cold water in the winter. :-)
And, while we are on the subject of plumbing....we asked for a natural gas pipe fitting for the outdoor grill. 
Whoeee!  We are really getting spoiled!
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The steps to the lower level are in place. They will be finished in oak to match the floors.
The large window in the staircase will really make it nice and bright.  Hopefully, the tank for the sprinkler system
will fit where the wheelbarrow is. 
Dscn8426.jpg (493049 bytes)
At the last minute, we asked the framer to make provisions for some "pull-down stairs" to be able
to get to the attic space above the laundry room.  Talk about luxury!
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They poured the footing for the front porch today.  Nothing like a cement mixer to put things in perspective.
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They also poured the footings for the deck.  ( It remains to be seen if they are in the right place. :-)
We also have a new superintendent to keep an eye on things.  She is a stickler for detail!!
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"Super Framer", Gerry, checks out the new access to the crawl space.   I tried to get his best side,
but he doesn't really have one. :-)
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Gerry finished putting the siding on the end of the garage today.  The siding is 2 2x6's laminated together and milled to look like the logs.  It is about 2 inches thick. 
October010.jpg (142780 bytes)
Hmmm....Starting to look like the inside of a church.

Well, this takes care of October.  As you can see, things are really moving along.

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