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November 2004

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Security is always a problem at construction sites.  With that in mind, we have employed the services of CC&F Canine Security, better known as "You hold'm, I'll lick'm".  And, as you can see, nothing detracts them from their vigilance.

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November 1st and this is our third snow of the season.  I am sure it won't be our last.  Why isn't the roof finished, you ask?  Well first it was waiting for the roofer to put the flashing on the garage.  Now, we are waiting to get the siding on before the overhang can be built.  There is only about 18" between the roof on that side and things have to be done in order, including staining under the overhang, before it is installed.  Confused?  Well, you will just have to come for a visit to see for yourself.
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The views are great all the time but, with a fresh covering of snow, they are spectacular!   This will be the view from the Great Room. It is across our driveway, Hidden Valley Ranch, Mount Rosalie, and Mount Evans beyond.  Rosalie is over 13k and Mt. Evans is one of many mountains in Colorado that are over 14k feet.  A nice hike, if you are up to it.
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You have seen Lion's Head many times before.  Next to Lion's Head are the Cathedral Rocks.  Not quite as impressive, but a nice addition to the view.  Once we clear a few trees, we hope to see the complete view from our deck. This view was from the street in front of our house.
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Here is a little closer, albeit a bit fuzzy, view of the Cathedral Rocks.  They are a lot bigger than they look. :-)
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Now, back to the house.  Work continues on the siding.  Both sides of the garage are done and work is beginning on the front.  The area around the front door will be faux stone.  Or, as the dealer likes to call it "Cultured Stone". 
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Pretty boring stuff, but the installation of the tubing for the radiant heat was completed today.  The tubing in the ground floor and garage was buried in the concrete some time ago.  The main floor is a "staple-up" installation.  The tubes will be covered with foil-faced insulation between the joists.  Hopefully, it will keep us nice and toasty on those cold (minus 6 a couple nights ago) Colorado nights.
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The place is crawling with orange tubes!  They all converge to a manifold which will eventually connect to the boiler.  This is only two of several manifolds that were connected today.  Gees, talk about spaghetti.  How it works is beyond me. :-}   The 2" gas pipe in front of the tubes has me a little worried.  Is natural gas very expensive?  :-)
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The chimney was framed today in preparation of the fireplace installation next week. It will be covered is stone to match the front porch. We have a EPA approved wood burning fireplace in the great room.  It is a self contained "combustion chamber" with a blower.  The EPA model was selected so that we will not be hampered by fire restrictions to control pollution.  Seems like there are fire restrictions in Denver everyday during the winter.
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In case you have not noticed, we have some "really big" windows.  Here are just a few that were delivered today.  They are scattered all over the house waiting for installation.  The large window on the left is the flat end of one of the windows in the great room.  It is about 12 feet tall and weighs 350 lbs.  Oh, my!  The windows are clad in a dark green on the outside and clear pine on the inside.  They will have a clear finish.  Too boring to show, but the "Queen's Tub" was also delivered today. :-)

Both fireplaces were set into place today.  The one upstairs is a "wood-burner" and the one downstairs is gas.  It will have a remote so our guests (that means you) can turn it on for a romantic evening in front of the fire.

The first of many windows were installed today.  These are the smallest and easiest for the framer to install by himself.  Seems that his helper has a sore back.   No wonder, considering what they have accomplished.  Yep, that's the boss in the Great Room checking out the progress.  And, if you have eyes better than mine, you will see that it is snowing......again.

The deck joists have been installed with temporary supports.  We purposely kept the deck on the back side of the house so as not tot block the view from the Great Room.   The supports will be replaced to logs, hopefully, centered on the concrete footings. :-)

There will be a set of steps coming off this side of the deck.  We "discovered" a great view of Mount Evans today from the deck.  Once we have a few trees removed, the view will be fantastic.  Some say, you can see car lights at night as they wind their way down the road from Mt. Evans.  The last place I would want to be is on that narrow crooked road at night!

The installation of both fireplaces is complete.  The wood burning fireplace on the main floor has a "heat vent" on the ground floor.  The vent has a fan that draws the heat down to the lower level.  You can see the vent to the left of the fireplace down stairs.  The register is not located in the best of places because of the floor joist, but it will do if we ever choose to use it.

The pressure tank has been installed.  It is bigger than I expected it to be but, I guess "bigger is better."  It is located where the line from the well enters the house.  Have I mentioned how "gooood" Colorado water is? :-)

I should make you guess what this is but, being in a particularly good mood (one of many Colorado perks) I'll tell you.  It is a 400 gallon water tank for the sprinkler system.  We had planned on putting it under the stairs but its shape lends itself better to the utility room.  Now we have extra storage space under the stairs.....ya never have enough storage space.  The tank is filled with plain water, the pipes are filled with anti-freeze.....just to make sure "everything" is ruined when it goes off. :-)

Only four more windows remain to be installed.  Wonder why they left those to last.   It is comforting when Gerry says "Wow! that's perfect.  Hmmm...perhaps he only said that for my benefit.  Next time I'll sneak up on him and see what he really thinks.

If you recall, the bottom portion of the windows open like awnings.  All the windows are what they call Low-E (whatever that means).  Supposedly, they will block out much of the solar heat.  Hmmm....is that a good thing when it's 10 below?

Probably seen enough windows by now, but I wanted to show you one of the full-view doors that lead to the deck.  There is one on either side of the dining room.  They are clad on the outside and clear wood on the inside.  They have dead bolts at the top, bottom, and side and lock and unlock with the handle.  Sierra Pacific supplied the windows and doors.  They are very nice and, surprisingly, reasonably priced.   Well...about the same as a small car. :-)
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