Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

May 2005

This is our new door knocker.  For those of you with failing eyesight, it is not a Porcupine or Hedgehog.  It is a Pine Cone.   If your are visiting our new home for the first time you are required to use it so you will know what sound a pine cone makes.  After that, just come on in.  We have an open door policy for friends and family.

This is our new address.  Believe it our not, this letter was actually mailed and delivered to us at our P.O. box.  Seems that everyone knows who Jimmy and Patsy are.  I bet that wouldn't happen in Northern Virginia.

We spent our first night in our new home on May 2, 2005.  Needless to say, it was a restful night after a long day of moving.   We moved everything we could ourselves but some things were just too heavy for us to tackle alone.  Bill and Steve saved the day and helped us finish the move so we could finally spend the night in our new home.  We got up early to watch the morning sun paint Lion's Head with the morning's brilliance.  Needless to say, it was a beautiful sight to watch.

One of the criteria for designing our new home was space for Patsy's Grandparents corner cupboard.  We gave the dimensions to the architect and the framer.  We monitored the construction regularly to make sure the space was just the right size but constantly worried that it would fit.  Well, as you can see, it fits perfectly.  So, I guess we can stop worrying about it now.

Many of you will remember this buggy seat sitting on Bill & Ada's front porch for many years in Northern Virginia.  It seemed only fitting that it once again greet our family and friends when they come to visit.  Of course, it will be more functional than decorative as it is customary to remove your shoes, boots, spurs, or side arms when entering a Colorado mountain home.  And, of course, horses are allowed to enter only if they are "guide horses" and accompanied by a responsible adult.

The bar is open!  But, something is missing and I think YOU know what it is.

Some will remember this lamp in our Virginia home.  Others will remember in Patsy's parents home. Still others will remember this lamp in Patsy's Grandparents home.   Perhaps it will hang in your home someday.  I sure hope so.

"Little Billy's" desk and Grandma's chair (newly re-caned by Patsy) have found a home right next to the fireplace.  It came fully equipped with unpaid bills.

Now here is a little lamp that has lots of memories for just about everyone in our family.
Dscn0105.jpg (530852 bytes)
The mantel has finally been installed.  It is Western Red Cedar and looks pretty cool against the stone fireplace.  And, as you can see, we installed a new (really kinda old) hall lamp.  It really looks kinda nice.......until you turn it on. :-(    I think we will be looking for a replacement and put this one back up for auction on eBay. 
May003.jpg (233400 bytes)
Well, as you can see, the "fairies" have all been unpacked and are in their "final resting place."  I'm not moving them again. :-)
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