Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

July 2004

Aerial.jpg (55364 bytes)
"X" Marks the spot.   Only a photogrammetrist would appreciate this view. :-)

March2004.jpg (198260 bytes)
Wouldn't you know that one of the best trees on the lot ended up being right in the middle of our bedroom.  Ken & Curly staked out the house for us.  It was a little easier to "visualize" once we had it laid out. 

Dscn7732.jpg (575221 bytes)
We will eventually enjoy two spectacular views. To the North will be Lion's Head (shown above) and to the West will be down down Elk Creek Valley with views of Rosalie (13k) and Mount Evans (14k).  The Elk visit the Valley regularly in the fall and winter.

July001.jpg (187740 bytes)
Steve, the excavator, is a surgeon with a bulldozer.  It is hard to imagine how precise he dug the hole.

July002.jpg (171076 bytes)
The soil is decomposed granite, kinda like very coarse sand.  Fortunately, there was no "un-decomposed" granite hiding below the surface.  You could almost hear the excavator say "Damit" when he put the dynamite away.   :-)

July003.jpg (188768 bytes)
The footings are all poured and ready for the foundation walls.
July004.jpg (208572 bytes)
The wall forms are all in place and the pump truck just finished filling them with concrete. 
July005.jpg (187128 bytes)
Building the concrete forms is almost as precise as building the house.   Everything must be straight and true.
July006.jpg (164092 bytes)
Now, all we have to do is wait until the concrete dries.
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