Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

February 2005

What better way to start a new month than with a few icicles.  It got down to a little below zero last night but that didn't stop Buck from finishing the siding on the front and the "mudders" from working on the wallboard.  Of course, one was working in their shirt sleeves and one was trying to work in a "snow suit".  Poor Buck. :-(

Buck did manage to finish the trim around the windows.  Now, after a little more stain, we'll call this task complete.  Is it my imagination or is there a tree growing inside our house? 

It is pretty easy to see how high the "mudders" can reach on their stilts.   It looks like it is time to break out the scaffolds.

You can tell the workmen by the boom box they keep.  This one has obviously witnessed a lot of wallboard installations!  During the construction Patsy and I have been privileged to some "pretty diverse" choices for music.  Surprisingly, we have not heard Rush a single time!

"Big Al" has put the insulation in the attic over the garage.  Just in time too, as the snow is getting mighty deep on Mt. Rosalie.  Hmmm...I was surprised to see that we has such a great view from the attic over our garage.

Yahoo!  The stone is finally finding its way onto the fireplace.  I can hardly wait to see it finished!  How 'bout you?

Wow!  It is amazing how many stones you can stack in one day!!  It is not quite finished but as you can see it is coming together nicely.  Remember the mantle?   It's going to be awesome on the stone!

Wow!  That is really cool!  The fireplace is done except for installing the front panel and doors.  What do you think?  Does it look like real stone or not?   The cultured stone is by
Owens Corning.   The color is Bucks County and the style is Dressed Fieldstone.  We chose Owens Corning stone because "natural looking" colors, overall thickness, and it has mica flakes that really add to the natural look.

I would like you to meet our hearth inspectors. They are giving the new hearth the "butt test."  By the look of their expressions, I think they are about to approve it for occupancy.

They started installing the hardwood floor today.  I was surprised to see that they lay out the random lengths before the staple them down.  When you think about it, makes sense to lay it out first.  The floor is number 2 Red Oak.  We chose grade 2 because it has "more interesting" grain.  We also selected 2 1/4" boards to minimize the shrinkage because of the radiant heat. 
The tile work has begun in earnest.  A flock of craftsmen have descended on all the areas to be tiled.  This is the shower in the master bath. We have to put a hold on its completion until we get a granite seat and a couple corner shelves fabricated.  But, as you can see, earthtones are the "in" Colorado color.  Oh, I almost forgot.  The wallboard was textured this week.  (You can see some of it on the wall next to the shower.)   The finish is called "Knock Down".  They spray on a thick mud mixture and trowel it down.  What a messy job!

This is the trim in "your bath".  It will be the same detail in the master bath except a slightly different color.  The stone detail is to put you in the "Colorado spirit" when you come to visit.  Just wait until to see the Elk shower curtain we have in mind for you. :-)

The floor is down in the great room.  It looks great!  The bedroom is yet to be finished but I am sure it will be next week. Now, even though the floor will be sanded, let me tell you how painful it is to see the tile workmen track mortar all over it.   I am sure it will work out OK. But, sometimes I just have to close my eyes and think about other things.
Speaking of other things.....check this out:
"Fire in the hole"

Bud, realizing the Patsy and I needed a little diversion, invited us to watch some "fireworks" at their new development.  Needless to say, there is nothing like 1200 pounds of dynamite to remind you not to sweat the small stuff.

The kitchen island will have two end cabinets to help support the granite counter top.   The face of the counter wall will be covered in "Naughty Elder" to match the cabinets.  The sign on the counter wall reads: "Radiant Floor Heat" to remind the floor installers to use "short" staples.  I put signs up everywhere and needless to say, everyone agrees.....I'm a little weird.  But, the funny thing about poking a hole in a radiant heat tube.  The leak won't show up until the staple rusts out the following year.  By that time, who knows who will be around the take "credit".

The "Queen's Tub" was installed today.  Looks more like a "King and Queen" tub to me. 

Yahoo!  The cabinets are finding their way onto the walls.  Jerry is not finished yet but we already know we love them.  As with many of the things we picked from "samples" they are even prettier than we had imagined.

The wood is Knotty Alder.  Believe it or not, we chose if because of all the imperfections.  Well, let me put it another way...We chose it because the wood had "character."  And, lots of knots too. :-)

Except for the crown molding and side panels, the base and wall cabinets are in place.   From left to right, the base cabinets are: dishwasher (with wood panel), sink, trash bin, corner carousel, drawer and shelves, three huge full extension drawers, oven, and refrigerator and convection microwave on the upper left.  The microwave cabinet is recessed into the wall 4 inches.

These are the island cabinets.  From left to right: spice cabinet, baking pan cabinet, counter-top stove cabinet, and three big drawers. There are two small cabinets on the other side of the island. 

These are the cabinets in the laundry room.  The door from the garage enters the laundry room.  These cabinets are also knotty alder but have a clear finish.   The base cabinet next to the broom closet will have a small sink.

Just about all the interior doors have been installed. They are clear pine, two panel, with an "eyebrow" arch on the top panel.   They will be finished clear as will all the rest of the trim in the house.  If I play my cards right, I may never have to paint woodwork again.  We had 36" wide doors installed to the bedroom and master bath in case we have to get a "four-wheeler" through.  Snow mobiles and four-wheelers are very popular in the mountains of Colorado. :-)

Buck has started doing the interior trim.  (He is soooo happy to be working inside where it is warm.) As you can see, the trim is not the typical molding you find in a more traditional house.  It is simply 1x4" clear pine and will be finished clear like the log walls and windows.  Needless to say, our new home will look like the inside of a tree when it's all done. :-)

I know this isn't very exciting to many of you...but, our appliances have arrived!   With every delivery of "stuff" our level of excitement gets pumped up a notch.  I am sure you can recognize most things that are found in a traditional kitchen but, why Patsy wanted a green freezer is beyond me. :-)
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