Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

December 2004

Does this look a little hoakie to you?  Well, you're wrong!

It's a GIANT Hokie
Merry Christmas Hokie fans...where ever you are.

(Not a Hokie fan?  That's too bad, 'cause Santa knows who you are and where you live.)

Only thing worse than being a roofer in the Summer is being a roofer in the Colorado mountains in December.  Yes, they actually had to shovel the snow off the roof before they started laying the shingles.  Today, it is 15 degrees.  Just cool enough to keep from breaking a sweat in the Colorado sunshine.

The "Rocks in a Box" arrived today.  You would think that living in the "Land of Giant Rocks" we would not have to resort to using "Cultured Stone" (faux rouxs to me) on the house.  They remind me of the "Pay to Fish" trout pond near us.  Some of the best trout streams in the world all around us and they want you to pay to fish!  Well, back to the rocks.  These "stones" are about as real looking as they come.  I think you will be surprised once they are up.  Let's hope so anyway. :-)

Finally!  The two remaining "holes" in the roof were finished today.   And, did you notice the beam trusses over the garage.  There will be can lights in the soffett behind them to light the front of the garage.  Same design and lighting for the front porch is also planned.

Some things simply defy explanation.  This plumbing "tree" is for the sprinkler system.  I am sure all these boxes, valves, gages, tanks,and faucets have a purpose.  What that purpose is is probably something I don't want to clutter my feeble brain with.  (I have enough trouble changing the furnace filter.)   This was obviously designed by a man.....probably an engineer.....from Va Tech.   :-)

Where there is a will there is a way.  Today is Sunday.  It is warm (32 degrees) by Colorado standards and the stone masons are busy "stickin' stones."    I was hoping to get a photo of what they completed yesterday but the plastic made it pretty difficult.  If you look closely, you can see some of the stones under the plastic.  I can hardly wait for the unveiling.

Let there be light.  I sure hope this is enough light in the kitchen.   Truth is, there are "can lights" throughout the house.  And, if you look carefully, you can see a couple sprinkler heads in the ceiling.  They won't "stick out" like you see so often.  They are recessed into the ceiling, covered with a flush fitting, and "pop out" when they are needed.   Hopefully, never!!.

The "Rocks in a Box" are finding there way home.  They are really cool.  Literally!!

Picking the type and color of the stones was no easy task, especially by old folks who can't make up there mind.  But, after saying to ourselves, "Once they are up, we are going to love it."  And, you know what...."We love it!"   How 'bout you?

After a through inspection by the "Boss" and we'll call this task complete.  Notice the scaffold on the front.  Can the installation of the BIG windows be far way?  :-)

Today, these four young men installed the biggest, heaviest, and meanest windows imaginable.  Their efforts deserve to be recorded for all to see and appreciate.   Needless to say, it was a job well done and no friendships were lost.
So, without further fanfare, here is their story:

The Windows from Hell
Buck, Gerry, Bud, and Doug

The shingles are on, the stone work is completed on the outside, the posts are installed on the front porch, rough plumbing, electrical, and network wiring is complete.  And, a big truck load of wall board has just been delivered. Whooee!  Things are really rolling along. :-)

The garage doors were installed today.   And, believe it or not, the painters have begun staining the house.  The temperatures have been in the 40's and 50's during the day but, forecasters say that cold arctic air is on its way south.  Staining may be on hold for awhile.

It's a little after 4 pm and the temperature is 17 degrees.  Buck has been working on the deck all day by himself.   When I said it was time to go home, he said "Is it going to get colder?"   Every time I mention the cold he says "Ah, nanana-not too bad if you keep moving."  I don't think so.  How they manage to work in the cold all day is beyond me.  The decking is 5/4" Tiger Wood.  It is being installed with plastic "biscuits" (EB-TY) so that there will be no top screws visible.  Needless to say, it is spectacular!

Merry Christmas to us!  Today, Christmas eve, we picked up our mantel from the Rustic Mantel Company.  It hs been hundreds of years in the making but it wasn't until Sarah put the finishing touches on it that it finally reached its destiny.  It is going to look fantastic on our stone fireplace.  Until then, we will keep it close by and rub it occassionally to keep it happy.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

What better way to close out December and 2004 than a brisk walk along the North Fork of the South Platte River.  This section is close to us in Pine and Patsy and I enjoy the walk along its banks both Summer and Winter.  But, for me, the best time is when the snow is deep and the ice is thick (most of the year.)  We will always have fond memories of the Potomac and will surely manage to get in a walk or two when we return to Virginia for a visit.  In the meantime, this "little creek" will have to do.

Happy 2005 everyone!

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