Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

August 2004

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A lot was accomplished in August!!  The foundation was completed, underground plumbing and septic were installed, foundation was back-filled, radiant heat was installed on the lower level and garage, framing of the lower level was completed, main floor joist were installed, sub floor installed, and Patsy and I enjoyed our first glass of wine in our new home.

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Back-filling of the foundation walls is almost complete.  A "Bobcat" is something everyone really needs.

August008.jpg (156808 bytes)
The orange pipe is radiant heat buried in the concrete floor.  Every room will have its own thermostat.

August009.jpg (144636 bytes)
It was a last minute decision to put radiant heat in the garage.  Just where were our priorities! :-)
August015.jpg (184896 bytes)
Back-filling is completed and the driveway has been graded to perfection.
August016.jpg (152408 bytes)
The tubes are for the concrete deck footings.  Hopefully, they are in the right place.
August018.jpg (180112 bytes)
Framing has begun for the lower level.  The two footings in the foreground are for the front porch.
August022.jpg (206204 bytes)
This is really beginning to come together!
August026.jpg (157064 bytes)
The garage floor has been poured and there will be "no steps" to get into the house.  Just one of life's lessons.
August027.jpg (163168 bytes)
All of these floor joists were installed in one day.  The framers, Gerry and Buck, obviously have done this before.
August029.jpg (157988 bytes)
The sub-floor is in place!  Now we can really begin to visualize what is to come.
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Aghh....Life is GOOD!
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