Jimmy & Patsy's Adventure

April 2005

Spring in Colorado

At long last, Spring has arrived in Colorado!  The tulips, jonquils, forsythia, dogwood, azaleas, and many other shrubs and trees are in full bloom.  I have already mowed the grass several times and the weather is warm and sunny.  The birds are a singing, the peepers are a peepin', and the bees are a buzzin'. There is nothing like Spring in the mountains of Colorado.
April Fool.  :-)

That said, in its own way Spring in Colorado is just as nice as it is in Virginia.  Perhaps a little slow in arriving but well worth the wait, especially, if you are about to move into your new home.  March is the snowiest month in Colorado and with several snows of 6-8 inches or more, this year was right on track.  April is the third snowiest month and that's fine by me.  As you can see, the rich blue Colorado sky goes quite nicely with our snow covered home.

Let there be light!
Today, April 2nd, we finally have light in the house. Needless to say, it is a major milestone in the construction. 

We turned on all the lights in the house and drove around just to see it from different vantage points.  Patsy's reaction was "Gees, that's gaudy."  I, on the other hand, thought it was pretty cool. This particular view is from the bottom of the driveway.  When we were satisfied with having all the lights on, we turned them all off to experience the clear Colorado night sky.  No need to explain what it was like. I want you to see it for yourself.

I especially liked the front porch.  Did I mention there are speakers on the front porch.  It is kinda like having you own Christmas carolers without having to make hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, however, we may have to start wearing more clothes around the house.   The neighbors --- Harry Hoot, Willy Coyote, and Larry Lyon --- may start complaining.

Electricians are a lot like plumbers, they have there own way of doing things.   Working with hot circuits and using the "big ladder" only when you absolutely have to are just a couple.  Notice the three-legged ladder.  It cuts down on the weight, fits into corners, and is very stable. What a cool design. It makes so much more sense that a four-legged version.

The same day the lights were being installed, the shower door and mirrors were installed.   Just one more thing to check off our list.

In addition to our lights, shower door, and mirrors, our air-conditioners were also installed today.  These air-conditioners are very quiet, energy efficient, and come in a wide range of colors.  They keep you cool even on the hottest of Colorado mountain summers.  This one is in our bedroom, the other is in the great room.   More than enough to keep Patsy cool even when she is a little hot under the collar.

No sooner did the electrician leave when the "floor guy" showed up to finish the floors. Of all the folks who have worked on the house, I think this young fellow is the only native to the area.  He actually grew up in our neighborhood.  It is really going to be hard on us not to go into the house for a couple days.  But......I bet we peek through the windows. :-)

Hmmm....it appears that G-Mom wants a little attention.

The appliances have been installed.  Each one has features specifically designed to confuse old folks.  However, the refrigerator on the top is really good news for those who don't bend well.  Anyone know how to clean stainless steel?

Now you see it....now you don't.  We have a "pop-up" exhaust fan for the stove.  However, since we don't plan on doing much cooking, we will use it when we "dust off" the burners.  Isn't technology wonderful?  :-)

The fireplace doors have finally been installed.  Patsy is already buggin' me to have a fire. 

The carpet has been installed on the lower level.  We have swept that concrete floor for the last time!!  The blue tape are places for the painter to touch up.  I had planned to mark the spots myself but, ol' "Eagle Eye" Becky managed to find them all, even many that I would have surely missed.  American Craftsman and their team of contractors take as much pride in our new home as we do.  That has been evident from the first day the excavator showed up and has not diminished a bit.
Sometimes I wonder who loves this house the most. :-)

The laundry room has been completed and some funny looking appliances have been installed.   I not exactly sure what they are used for...perhaps they are aquariums.   Remind me sometime to tell you a story about what happened when we turned the water on.  :-)

Some things are better left to the professionals.  Patsy and I have decided to clean the house ourselves instead of hiring professional cleaners.  However, we drew the line at cleaning the windows or obvious reasons.  It took these three men about 5 hours to clean all our windows inside and out and they are spotless!  The ladder is a 32 foot extension ladder that collapses down to 7 feet and can be managed by one person.   I would love to have one but at $1500 I doubt that I can convince Patsy that we "need" one.

No one loves trees more that Patsy does but, these trees (and many more) will have to go.   Some trees will be removed to improve our views and some will be removed to reduce the fire risk.   This will be the next big project in the next few weeks.
Besides moving, of course. :-) 

Today is April 12th.  These two photos, taken at the same time, show that Spring has arrived in both Indiana and in Colorado.
Elevation is everything. :-)

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Let the chips fall where they may but keep the trees off the house.  We have started removing a few trees that were too close to the house for comfort.  Reese is just about to topple this one and, as you can see, he has it tied off to a "Bobcat" just to be sure it falls in the right direction.  All's well that ends well and this tree is already stacked and ready for next Winter's fire.

With the removal of just a couple trees, another great view has been revealed.  We still have many more trees to "retire" to make sure that we will have just the right view from anywhere in the house, including from "your room."

Today, April 18th, we said good-bye to dear friend.  Through cold, wind, snow and the dark of night, he was always there when you needed him.  He was known for his open door policy and comforted those in need regardless of rank or position.  So, we bid farewell to an ol' friend and wish him success and happiness wherever his travels take him.

This is a odd photo.   Perhaps, but to those who have received the keys to their fist new home, the significance is not lost.

There may be finer furniture but, furniture filled with memories is the best there is.   So, to Bill and Ada, we say "Welcome home."

The final finish was put on the floors yesterday, Sunday April 24th.  The wood is Number 2 Red Oak, picked purposely for it random grain.  We will let it cure about a week before we put any rugs or furniture on it.

Is it my imagination or is it snowing again?

Oh, only 6-8 inches. Just a dusting this time.  A few miles away, in Conifer, Bill, Steph, Shea and "Peanut" got well over a foot.  But, it is only April 25th so there is still plenty of time for "The Big One."  :-)

The deck was sanded and stained today.  The wood is "Tiger Wood", a very dense mahogany. We used hidden fasteners so there would be no screws showing on the surface.  It was finished with "Super deck" oil stain.

We used the same decking for the front porch.  Notice that the 6-8 inches of snow we got yesterday is just about gone.  It doesn't stay around very long once the sun comes out.

Have we mentioned how pleased we are with our new log cabin in the mountains of Colorado?  
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